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Socialist Bastard John Key is an Objectivist.

I have Proof! Thanks GCSB , and the Honourable Red Flag (AKA NZ Herald) šŸ˜€ Read more about this scumbag….. Osculum infameā€¦. John Keyā€™s Smarmy Smile and the Real Reason for the GCSB Billā€¦. The Daily Blog. Low Lives in … Continue reading

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What every single sports interview sounds like to me

Tomorrow’s sportsing schedule includes what every single open letter to New Zealand abortion providers sounds like to me. Don’t miss this highlight of the sportsing calendar.

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Dunedin turns on a nice day

[Reprised from Wombaticus Ad Nauseam, October 2007.] Unexpectedly nice weather caused havoc in Dunedin yesterday, as temperatures soared to 18 degrees. As local radio stations advised local residents to stay inside, police fielded a number of calls from people alarmed … Continue reading

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How many holes?

How many holes are in this bucket? Non-existence is not a fact, it is the absence of a fact, it is a derivative concept pertaining to a relationship, i.e., a concept which can be formed or grasped only in relation … Continue reading

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There’s a Hole in the Bucket

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Capitalists eat babies

For to the one who has, more will be given, and he will have an abundance, but from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. (ESV) Kill the poor? But who would we exploit … Continue reading

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Waving my arms in the air

Waving my arms in the airĀ  Love, my love, got no careĀ  No care, no, no, pressing my feet to the groundĀ  Stand up right where you standĀ  Call to you and what do you doĀ  Laying back in a … Continue reading

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Christian Halloween ideas

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I am Jesus

Phew! It’s hard work trying to be *like* Jesus. Even harder work trying to actually *be* Jesus. But at last! I’ve joined the exclusive Messiah Complex Club. My Christ delusion is complete. I’m the latest in a long list of … Continue reading

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It’s all about me

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