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Struth! Auzzy Stout!… Coopers Best Extra Stout.

Coopers Best extra Stout… having been recommended this Auzzy Stout by an Eternal Vigilante… my team of Highly experienced Analysts and affectionados are putting this Brew through strenuous scientific tests…. using the most Flash Gear. The result will indisputably… conclusively…. … Continue reading

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Evidence for Evolutionism #1. The recurrent laryngeal nerve.

In a comment on Tim’s post The Ludicrous Claims of Evolution! Why not ESP? Kiwi Dave says Our recurrent laryngeal nerve inefficiently loops round our hearts instead of directly connecting to the brain stem; this, like cleft palates are a … Continue reading

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You’re no fun(ction) any more

This post continues the discussion on Tim’s post The Ludicrous Claims of Evolution! Why not ESP? In comments on Tim’s post, Terry (who is both an Evolutionist and an Objectivist) says a camera is NOT an eye (nor is an … Continue reading

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Casting the Net

I find this passage curious. [47] “Once again, the kingdom of heaven is like a net that was let down into the lake and caught all kinds of fish. [48] When it was full, the fishermen pulled it up on … Continue reading

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Why can’t you show me evidence?

This is the very latest meme from an Evolutionist friend on Facebook. It seems to me that both Dawkins and his interlocutor miss the point entirely. Yes, DNA and fossils are evidence for the theory of evolution! But … According … Continue reading

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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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Unionists 1, Lawyers 0

Labour List MP Charles Chauvel (pictured top right) has resigned from Parliament (effective 11 March). He’s going to a job at the United Nations where he’ll join his former boss, former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark (pictured bottom left). The … Continue reading

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Indigenous extortionists execute dolphins in revenge for aid default. Solomon Islands.

Photo: NZ Herald. I must have successfully purged my Facebook friends list of the most Rabid of Green peace supporters! When I read about this atrosity in the NZ Herald I was expecting my page to be Bombed with outrage! … Continue reading

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Salmon Rushdie

Imagine that one night, an alien prankster secretly implants electrodes into the brains of an entire country – let’s say Britain. The next day, everyone in Britain discovers that pictures of salmon suddenly give them jolts of painful psychic distress. … Continue reading

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Hell is for the Self Righteous, Heaven is for Sinners.

A Photo from Face book… This guy is making a Fatal mistake! Real Christians do not claim to be good. The Bible tells us There is none that are Good… no not one. All fall short of the Glory of … Continue reading

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