Jacinda Ardern: High On Tax Crack. Heavy Taxation and the Growth of Poverty in New Zealand.

Poverty is growing in New Zealand.
Suicide is too.
Financial stress is destroying families.

With the heavy oppression I face from the Tax department, only two things prevent me from becoming a dangerous enemy of the state… rather than a passive victim.
1. My responsibility as a husband and Father to put their immediate well-being ahead of my need for vengeance.
2. My Christian faith that abhors violence… even against those who deserve it… yet the restraints of these two factors have limits… I ask myself at what point does it become the Christian and Fatherly Duty to take up arms and wage war against a tyrannical State?
Anyone here remember the words of the American Declaration of Independence and why America was born?

How many struggling families receive Threatening letters about arbitrary ‘Debts’ from The New Zealand tax department each week?
How many self employed people are bankrupted by the IRD… or loose everything they have worked years to gain?

There is a crisis going on!

What will it take to stop the Legalised Robbery?
The Government makes Organised crime look like amateurs!

So far my Activism has been Peaceful and reason based… like the Gospel… an appeal to the hearts and minds of my fellow citizens… Yet the Jackboots of the state are kicking at my door…. like Extortionate Gangsters.

They are destroying the lives of the virtuous and hard working.

Yet the *real sad truth is* it is *you*…. my fellow countrymen who continue to vote for the Rapacious Extortioners… and their ever growing addiction to expropriation.

You vote for the Theft… You support the Media personalities who encourage the IRD to take more… and more…

How many more homeless people will have to die in gutters? how many suicides and broken families will loose everything before you realise that it is the Jack booted Government *itself* that is by far the greatest threat to your lives and family?
Every Tax hike pushes more Families towards crisis.
Nonetheless like a runaway juggernaut the Government and Councils are having meetings about the country scheeming more ‘innovative’ ways to take our money for their whack schemes!
Tax is Crack Cocaine to Socialist addicts like Ardern.

The pic above is the sort of ‘editorial’ that passes for wisdom in New Zealand when it is nothing short of absolute falcehoods and propaganda designed to ‘soften up’ the masses into accepting new and higher Taxes!
They peddle the lie that higher taxes will bring greater prosperity!
They peddle that great Lefty lie that those with property have not contributed ‘their share’ to society!
Tolerance towards this sort of sycophancy in the media in New Zealand is outrageous!
How Journos and editors can get away with such one eyed lies is a testament to how lobotomized our population is(thanks state education).
The so called ‘Free Press’ have failed in their Duty as the vanguard against tyranny.
Read : Lost Plot. World Press Freedom Day.

and… Spiel on brain washing, and socialist engines of confomity. State education.

We are expected to maintain composure while being fleeced… to suffer in silence… to maintain the Delusions that higher Taxes are Good, Justified, enlightened, when in reality by far greatest cause of Poverty in this country is Socialist over-government and heavy taxation.
No matter how hard I work… or how many thousands of dollars I withhold from my family and give to the beast… no matter how many Holidays I forego… They still send me threatening letters telling them I owe them tens of thousands more….
How many of you are working yourselves to death… forego Medical attention for yourself… yet suffer sleepless nights, and whose only Forlorn hope is to win lotto?

They take the Joy out of life and keep families on the edge of poverty at all times. (A Habitat of Envy and want under which white horse riding socialist Scammers flourish… )

For the Grace of God People…. Wake up!!!!
Stop worshiping evil Idiots like Jacinda Ardern!
The Labour Party is not the friend of the worker!
She is *not* a heroic leader… she is a Thief and a bully.
She’s a sexist, Racist hypocrite…
A Gangster.
Why she (and her ilk) are in power is because *her* sexism… *her* Racism… *her* hypocrisy… and *Her Economic delusions* all are of the popular variety.
She’s a Retard…. Captaining a ship of Fools.

Of course the problem is bigger than Jacinda’s Regime… Its Ideological and systemic… she’s just the latest Demagogue to wield the flail.
The real problem for Modern civilization is in the unfathomable void… the monumental sheepish ignorance of our systemically lobotomised voting populations.

You Useful Idiots still believe socialists care?

What sort of Slavery are we bequeathing to our children?
Speak now or forever hold your piece… pun intended.

Tim Wikiriwhi

Politically Homeless Libertarian Slave of the State.

2 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern: High On Tax Crack. Heavy Taxation and the Growth of Poverty in New Zealand.”

  1. Tim Wikiriwhi: Delusions of politiicans
    11 Jun, 2012 11:50am 3 minutes to read
    Hamilton News
    By: Tim Wikiriwhi, Libertarian Independent

    It is interesting how reality has a way of exposing Ignorance and folly, and bring unpopular truths into the light.

    It is even more interesting to watch the various ways the ‘tyrants’ and ‘sheeple’ respond.

    Collectivist communism bankrupted the Soviet Union, which is a reality not wasted upon the Chinese communists, who responded by modifying their economy to align more closely with Western socialist democracies which have a modicum of free enterprise, and private property, yet in reality is not ‘free’ at all, but heavily regulated, and taxed by a large, powerful, and meddlesome state.

    Yet the Chinese now have discovered they have not prevented the collapse of their regime, but merely postponed it by a few decades, as the economic model they assimilated from the West is likewise fatally flawed.

    The West now reels under the teachings of pain reality that their model of socialism is also ‘unsustainable’ … it just takes a little longer to reach it’s inevitable end.

    This fact is proven by the massive debt crisis which socialist democracies now face, having been driven into the ground by elected big spending, anti-freedom, anti-capitalists.

    Big spending,and micro management of society holds true across the board, and has now forced a heavily indebted Hamilton City council into ‘austerity mode’

    The Council is now downsizing and selling off assets:

    Indoor Rec Centre… No funds

    Municipal Pools… closed.

    Pensioner Flats… for sale

    YMCA… For Sale.

    Ibis/Novotel… For Sale.

    Council Service… $6M cut

    (Source: Waikato Times)

    The current crisis is exactly as I predicted.

    I have spent the last decade campaigning for council, warning the people of Hamilton that bankruptcy and pain was approaching like a juggernaut.

    During elections I told the then-Mayoral-candidate Julie Hardacre that she would have to renege on all her big ideas and campaign promises, yet this did not deter her from continuing to pedal her ‘popular’ delusions, and thus she was elected.

    Mrs Hardacres fantasies received full media support, while my economic and political truths were marginalized, and treated as ‘whack’.

    I was left out of the political debates, thus many voters were left in the dark about the real state of affairs faced by the Hamilton City Council and the necessary alternative direction which I represented.

    Most voters were not aware of the choice that I represented as a candidate.

    Well, time is up and the apocalypse has arrived: many of my unpopular policies are now being forced upon the council.

    The travesty is that they are now being implemented by the charlatans who got elected by promising to spend more, not less.

    It is a real pity that Hamiltonians did not heed my warnings as I could have implemented a systematic program of reform when things were not so dire and thereby would have been able to get better returns on asset sales, during a better economic climate unlike the ‘fire sale’ that we must now endure.
    would also love to see a review of all the campaign promises of the current bunch in council, putting to them the hard questions of how they expected to fulfill their pledges when there was no money to do so?

    Did they make their promises simply to fool the voters and get elected?

    Thus like all socialist democracies Hamilton wallows in debt.

    Socialist big government does not work.

    Tim Wikiriwhi

    Libertarian Independent.

    Hamilton West.


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