Other World…The Right to Opt out. Biker Credos.


From Motorcycle Clubs Australia
April 13 • Edited

The Other World…
There are humans who live eventually,here and now.
And there are humans who decided to live in another world.

Being a member of a motorcycle club is an attitude towards life.
Truth and respect at the forefront outlaw bikies are proud and it’s an honour to be an outlaw biker.

Some find fellowship, brotherhood,and solidarity thats why they join a club.
If an outlaw biker gives his word he keeps it. If you behave like a man you’ll be treated like a man.

If you behave like an asshole you’ll be treated like an asshole.An outlaw biker can be your best and loyal friend.
But can also be your worst nightmare.

Its not about breaking the rules or fighting the system.Its about freedom that is fixed in the mind.The government doesn’t like that, they don’t like a strong group because they can’t control them so easy.

So of course the police handle the outlaw bikies differently, aggressively portraying them as the boogey men of our society.
The scary monster man that sells drugs to school kids from the back of his Harley,who rapes and murders at will,the lowest of the low who has no moral compass whatsoever or so they will have you believe …

Due to conditioning, through the government’s advertising arm, the media, threatening and intrusive governmental action is not denounced as dangerous but lauded as a positive step toward security a safer society. This concept–government psychologically shaping its citizens to comfortably accept authoritarianism.

Complex social circumstances in a progressive society like ours always determines and should determine the curtailment of civil liberties.Bikers do not want to be controlled from above,there’s already enough people in a free society who feel this kind of need.But that doesn’t mean that they are criminal organisations.

Those that give up freedom for safety will lose both in the end.

(extracts from various sources.)
— with Eddie Mendez.


^^^The above is a Biker Credo which I ‘Liberated’ from an ‘outlaw’ Biker FB site…

Some people may think it is a poor show for me to glorify Outlaw bikers like this, yet I want to propose that *Outlaw Gangs* are to a large degree a reaction to all the BULLSHIT that passes for civil society these days.
They are a reaction to the monumental hypocrisy.
They are a rejection of all the Petty Tyrannies… all the Legal corruptions… all the ridiculous ‘Social norms’.
All the Religious Bigotry.

As a Person whom has spent over 15 fruitless years trying to reform the system via the democratic process, what … when the system has proven to be a self protecting charade…is a person like me supposed to do next?
Am I expected to just roll over, and accept the perpetual Sodomizing like a good little Slave?… am I supposed to be grateful?

Now I’m not about to join a gang…, nor am I about to surrender…. yet I want to make the point as to why many good people reach the conclusion that joining an Outlaw Biker Gang is actually *a good thing to do*
FUck the system!

I can relate to that… esp when … upon futher investigation you discover that Biker Gangs are not absolutely Lawless… they have their own codes of Honor… and they have strong views on *Natural justice*.
Of course Some Biker Gangs are full of Scum… Rapists, Thieves, and Murderers, yet by far the greater percentage of Bike Clubs don’t tolerate scum, and have codes of honour.

and Ironic as it may seem… within Limits, they have a Right to do exactly that!

Tim Wikiriwhi.
New Zealand Biker.


Read on….


The Right to Ignore the State

by Herbert Spencer


Herbert Spencer was an incredible prophet and a magnificent defender of laissez-faire. Among his numerous works is The Man Versus The State, first published in 1884. That book launched one of the most spirited attacks on statism ever written. He ridiculed the idea that government intervention of any kind “will work as it is intended to work, which it never does.” He drew on his tremendous knowledge of history, citing one dramatic case after another of price controls, usury laws, slum clearance laws, and myriad other laws which, touted as compassionate policies, intensified human misery. Below is one of his essays that explores the principles of self-government, which Henry David Thoreau defended in his seminal essay, Civil Disobedience.

The Right to Ignore the State

1. The Right to Voluntary Outlawry

As a corollary to the proposition that all institutions must be subordinated to the law of equal freedom, we cannot choose but admit the right of the citizen to adopt a condition of voluntary outlawry. If every man has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man, then he is free to drop connection with the state — to relinquish its protection, and to refuse paying toward its support. It is self-evident that in so behaving he in no way trenches upon the liberty of others; for his position is a passive one; and whilst passive he cannot become an aggressor. It is equally self-evident that he cannot be compelled to continue one of a political corporation, without a breach of the moral law, seeing that citizenship involves payment of taxes; and the taking away of a man’s property against his will, is an infringement of his rights. Government being simply an agent employed in common by a number of individuals to secure to them certain advantages, the very nature of the connection implies that it is for each to say whether he will employ such an agent or not. If any one of them determines to ignore this mutual-safety confederation, nothing can be said except that he loses all claim to its good offices, and exposes himself to the danger of maltreatment — a thing he is quite at liberty to do if he likes. He cannot be coerced into political combination without a breach of the law of equal freedom; he can withdraw from it without committing any such breach; and he has therefore a right so to withdraw.

Read more from Herbert >>>Here<<< minnn

Free Biker Alliance Inferno -36

N F E R N O – 3 6 In mythology, the Minotaur symbolizes power and fear, that of a monster half man, half bull, but at the same time he was locked in the labyrinth by Minos (one of the judges of hell).

This symbol represents us perfectly, because it can be very strong and free in his mind, there still remains a prisoner of the system around us is our maze!
July 31, 2012

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Machine Gun Preacher.

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New Zealand Christian Motorcyclists Association.

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  1. > The Right to Ignore the State

    > 1. The Right to Voluntary Outlawry

    > As a corollary to the proposition that all institutions must be subordinated to the law of equal freedom, we cannot choose but admit the right of the citizen to adopt a condition of voluntary outlawry …

    Otherwise known as anarchy. 🙂

  2. I live in kamloops BC.
    Been riding bike my whole life street and dirt
    Checking to see if there is a few guys in BC to hook up with to do some riding
    Thanks LS

  3. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs-A Government Lie Exposed

    “In fact, more police officers are charged and convicted of felonies every year than members of outlaw motorcycle clubs. And members of outlaw motorcycle clubs have been heavily involved in the grassroots rights movement concerning civil liberties ranging from helmet choice to profiling”. (Source. Custom Dimension )


  4. The Untold Story of the Texas Biker Gang Shoot-Out

    “The city of Waco is looking at paying out hundreds of millions of dollars,” says Michael White, Wilson’s attorney. “I don’t think we’ve ever seen something on the scale of 175-plus people being arrested for something they did not do.” To survive the storm, the city’s legal strategy seems to be to pressure the Waco 177 into pleading guilty to minor infractions for time served; this would preclude the bikers from being able to sue for wrongful imprisonment.”


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