Kings and Convicts. (Part 1) The Clean Slate Act.


Hello my Pretties,
I apologise for my recent absence and neglect….. I still love you…. believe me when I say that matters of Cosmic importance have kept me in the field… chief among them earning my ransom for the IRD.
Without blood…. calamity from on high befalls us… this is a scientific fact.

Brain hurts.

Several events have taken place in recent times which I hope to tie together in this blogpost, on an important topic which I have been meaning to address for ages…
….The Clean slate act, and the diversion/ non-convictions of the 2nd son of the Maori King on Drinking driving and Burglary are my impetus, and to summarise my topic, I want to talk about the pretentious ‘mask of holiness’…. the cloak of ‘self-righteous ’ , which our ‘Special Hat’ wearing Political Task-Masters attempt to portray *As Real Piety*… as a supporting pillar of their personal credibility, and fitness to rule.

The ‘Clean slate’ Act is an interesting piece of legislation which raises many questions, regarding personal privacy … the right to remain silent…. and other peoples ‘right’ to know.
I cant say that I have spent much time investigating it, or reading the debate it has generated.
I cant claim to be speaking with indifferent objectivity either when I say that IMO I think this act is an enlightened piece of legislation, yet I hope my subjective ‘insider’ perspective adds some clarity to the topic, rather than detract from it.

I shall try to explain why in as short a space as possible as Part One … and how I tie this subject in with my main topic >>>Part two<<< , and I have now finnished off with >>>Part 3<<< This act interests me for personal reasons.... having in the past been convicted for a variety of offences... some of which I am ashamed of... :-) .... some of which I say... ‘was not me’... not because I didn’t commit them.... but because they happened a very long time ago, and I am ‘a different person’ today. I make no attempt to deny my guilt, nor do I deny that my convictions... in these particular matters.... were unjust. There may have been some mitigating circumstances... yet no excuses. A recent Newspaper article caught my attention, in which a representative of some employers association was upset that the Clean slate Act means that after 7 years without any further convictions that a person whom may have been convicted for theft as a servant, will not have to admit to such convictions when asked in any Job applications. They argue that this exposes employers to greater risk of suffering thefts. But is this really so? I think not. Though there may be a tiny % of Unrepentant recidivists whom manage to maintain their skulduggery in secret…. flying under the radar …. to my way of thinking that is highly improbable, and it is far more rational to believe that any person whom has maintained themselves without further conviction for 7 years… has in fact reformed their behaviour, and has earned/ *deserves* a fresh start. This period of time was chosen because it is *long enough* to suggest that they have ‘turned over a new leaf’... have learned that honesty is the best policy.... and most importantly are in reality... just as trustworthy as anyone else. Here we meet several interesting issues. Forgiveness. Reform. The delusion of piety. Faith in society base upon truth, rather than hypocritical Fakery. Forgiveness is important for society, to allow reformed criminals to re-enter society. Without such hope, why bother to reform... if the marked man is to forever remain marked, and kept in alienation? If you keep them alienated, not only do you risk imposing a punishment which is wholly out of proportion to the crime.... you also are denying the principle that a criminal can reform, and pragmatically speaking you are exposing society *to a greater risk* that this person will re-offend... because they have been effectively locked out of honest employment/ normal participation in society. The Devils rejects. Forgiveness is not only a Christian virtue, it is essential for society to heal its wounds, and progress. Nobody can force the victim of any crime to forgive the person who wronged them... even after long periods of time... after a sentence served... and after an expression of contrition, yet I would suggest that not to forgive.... is to remain wilfully a spiritual cripple... carrying a dead weight about. Obviously some crimes are harder to forgive than others, yet I would question the character of an unforgiving person whom is unwilling to grant others a fresh start considering the fact that *there is none righteous.... no not one, for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God* Ie.... who among us... even those whom have never been convicted in a court of Law... is not in need of forgiveness for some evil deed we have done to our fellow man? There are only two types of human beings.... Convicted criminals and un-convicted criminals.... those whom either live above or beyond the law.... or simply those whom have never been caught... or at least successfully prosecuted. A third type we may describe as ’temporarily innocent’ only because they have not come of age. I am not suggesting that every human being poses an equal danger to the life and property of their neighbour. Obviously some people are much more virtuous than others, yet I wanted to explode the idea that just because a person *has not been convicted for theft or fraud* does not mean they have never stolen anything , or never told a lie.... *Everyone is guilty* of these crimes/ sins... and knowing this explodes the idea that a person whom has no criminal convictions is somehow more trust-worthy than someone whom has been caught and convicted. This undeniable truth is a fundamental reason that political power must be kept to a minimum... so that the evils of politicians have the least scope to wreak havoc upon the population. I will return to these ‘inconvenient’ facts about the human condition shortly. It’s a fact which the self-righteous social elite and powerful desire to remain unarticulated.... “Trust Me.... said the liar to the fool” queeny
[I actually quite like Queen Lizzy…. I posted this pic simply to portray ‘the Pomp’ of government which fills the subject with Awe and dread….. a sense of the Divine…. an unquestionable righteousness and authority to govern… engendering submission.
All Politicians, rulers, and powers attempt to portray ‘majesty’ to some degree.
It’s a part of statecraft]

When I speak of contrition, I refer to a real inner remorse… an acknowledgement of wrong doing and true repentance, not merely a regret at being caught.
And this require the perpetrator to take ownership of their crime…. that they made evil choices, for their devious selfish ends, and that though circumstances may not have made doing the right thing ‘easy’ , that none the less they made the wrong choices, which harmed others.

How a criminal may be brought to true repentance is a subject for another time.
Obviously it requires a re-shuffle of values and a restoration of faith in society… in humanity, and that living an honest, moral life is not just a Charade.
It is enough for now that I give my personal assertion…. from personal experience… that Reform is possible…. thank God.

While I reject any delusions about human perfection, or perfectibility, Reform is an essential social concept (reform / self improvement are also an important factors within Christianity) .
We are human beings smitten with the common Human lusts and aspirations, yet an individual’s morality and character are not genetically determined, and any theory which attempts to reduce ethics down to genes and chemicals needs to be exposed for the anti-Human Pseudo science that it is.
The people whom promote such delusions have serious prejudices, ulterior motives, and a very specific ideological agenda.

Empirically we ought to be well aware that the Human Individual is a free-will agent operating in a ‘ moral field’… we call society, in which our actions can and often do effect our fellow citizens… for good or ill.
This is what is meant by the term that our deeds are said to have ‘moral weight’.
Being Humans… not gods, the universe does not obey our whims, and we must navigate ourselves on the sea of life via our own compass… our personal values, wisdom, and moral convictions… or lack of them… and it is a relentless ocean, Tides and tempests, Calms, and shallows.
What defines the Human life is not the circumstances of our birth, but about how steer our ship in the seas new find ourselves in.
Circumstances may vary greatly, yet our duty as morally responsible beings is the same.
We all start off as Babes…. Yet we learn, we grow,….* we change* … yet Objective morality remains always the same.
We embody the ethics we have chosen to embrace…form one moment to the next.
Life is in Flux.
The truth is a person…. As long as he has breath, can either grow in moral character…. Plateau…. Or regress.
A persons behaviour can be effected by many things… yet can only really be said to be moral when life is lived well *consciously* and freely.
Thus many people live as passive obedient sheep… never ending up in court …. Not because of true piety… inner convictions that certain actions are truly evil, But out of fear…. Fear of becoming Social outcastes…. Fear of prison, or a fear of nihilistic lawlessness.
The system does’t care….. These flocks of sheeple obey their masters…. And delude themselves this slavish conformity is in fact a virtue… to the degree that they believe anything is really virtuous… a great percentage of them dutifully embrace what their ‘Liberal’ educators teach…. That everything is merely culturally relative … and that societies Laws… and all things ‘Moral’… are merely the convenient constructs of the social order… which is the highest power in the universe and may dictate anything whatsoever it deems to be in the best interest of the collective organism.

Yes our society is filled…. Top to toe with this *Fake moral Piety…. And Slavery*

If that is all there is…. The belief that that is all there is … is not a sufficient foundation for a Free, Civil, and just society!
Not only does such a corrosive anti-ideology- ideology undermine the credibility of living a good and decent life… rendering Society a giant fraud… and morality merely a tool for the ruling elite…. Protecting the haves… from the have-nots…. This becomes the excuse…. The vindication for the mass production of Evil legislations and tyranny…. Which not only directly treads souls underfoot, it also energizes the mass production of ‘Criminals and outcastes’ whom either take this philosophy as truth… embracing lawlessness as the ultimate truth….rejecting Civilisation as a gimmick… Or conversely those brave individualists whom retain a faith in objective morality…. Yet reject the authority of the State to impose laws upon them …. Prohibitions, Exactions, or Compulsions which they believe are unjust…. Thus it is is not only the Amoral whom can find themselves outsiders, and criminalised, but the truly virtuous and moral…. Which is why people like Jesus, and Socrates…. were executed as criminals.

Anyway, I have digressed somewhat…. I think the point that sometimes society, and the Law can be in the wrong…. And the so-called criminals in the right was worth making.
When the law is corrupt… The Real Criminals are in power… feigning piety…. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.
I also think it was worthwhile touching upon the consequences of a society which embraces toxic ideas… how that tends towards injustice and chaos.

Do you believe any crimes are truly Objectively Evil or are all crimes merely rebellions against subjective social/cultural norms?

A person whom is raised to believe Toxic / amoral/ nihilistic Ideas is sailing his ship witout a compass, and is a person capable of committing crimes and atrocities…. Likewise any person whom ‘looses faith’ in society…. And the value of enlightened, civilised, and humanitarian ideals …. Is someone whom has thrown his compass overboard… and can descend into real criminality.

Yet let me also say that a person whom may have been living a directionless chaotic existence for a very long time can find a moral ‘north star…. And straighten out there course… and begin to consciously navigate …

Enlightenment and reform are as real and as valid as any fall from grace into darkness.
Humanity has the capacity not only for descending into debauchery…. But to escape it too should they find the reason…. The will, and the faith to do so.

People can change for the better.
Savages can learn, and embrace civilisation.
Sinners can Repent.

Social reform is possible… and the ‘Clean slate’ act is all about motivating this personal improvement.
It’s about justice…. And a better, safer, society.

king and son

I will say that most of the things I have written today come from my personal journey… into crime…. And out again.

I have already dragged this out way too far…. I will have to stop here and make this the end of Part one.
Tomorrow, or the next day I will write part two and tie this rave in with the latest travesty of Justice with regards to Korotangi Paki escaping Justice .
Though I have many criticisms of what has transpired, it is not my intension to write a Guile filled spiel of condemnation upon him and the Tainui Monarch.
I will include aspects of my own situation… and how I have stood for election many times…. In spite of my own criminal past.
I will be so presumptuous as to offer the King some advise….
I actually have something positive to say
But for now enough has been said…. I will have to tidy this (part 1) up somewhat later… its time for nigh nighs….

Brain hurts…

Tim Wikiriwhi

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