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Heart Ripped out. This ones for all the Dying Dads … and the Survivors.

I’ve been to the edge. I’ve stood and looked down. I’ve lost a lot of friends there…. Literally. According to Socialist Feminism Men are Dogs. They say We carelessly get our rocks off and run away at the first sign … Continue reading

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What every single open letter to New Zealand abortion providers sounds like to me

Here’s what every single open letter to New Zealand abortion providers sounds like to me. To New Zealand baby killers, The Infanticide Law Reform Association of New Zealand (ILRANZ) would like to thank you for all the amazing work you … Continue reading

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Sons of Anarchy! Blog hard…. Live Free.

Yeah Right! From The NZ Herald

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What every single sports interview sounds like to me

Tomorrow’s sportsing schedule includes what every single open letter to New Zealand abortion providers sounds like to me. Don’t miss this highlight of the sportsing calendar.

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Nationwide rally AGAINST the TPPA

The nationwide rally against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is today. Details here. I don’t know much about the TPPA. It’s a free trade agreement—and free trade, of course, is a good thing—but it’s more than just a free trade agreement. … Continue reading

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Legalised Force attracts Thugs and Bullies like flies to…

Cop Commits Blatant Perjury Did This Cop Lie? You Tell Me! Posted by Dave Champion's Liberty on Friday, February 5, 2016 ^^^^Watch this appalling video about Police brutality. It inspired this post. (note: The original video posted here was deleted … Continue reading

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The truth about mayorjuana

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Be kind to Hone Harawira

Hone Harawira wants to execute legal high retailers, reports Whale Oil. According to the New Zealand Herald, families demand scrapping of legal-high laws, but Mana Party Leader and Te Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira wants to take things a whole … Continue reading

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Soulmate Delusion

Soulmates? God gave us free will. We’re free to choose right or wrong. Love is a choice! There is no such thing as divine energy holding two people together, that simply is not love. Love would be meaningless if it … Continue reading

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Legalise beer!

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