The Death of TRUTH (nz). Step away from the window. Go Back to sleep.


Pay no mind what other voices say
They don’t care about you
Like I do
Like I do
Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils
See they don’t give a **** about you
Like I do

Just stay with me
Safe and ignorant
Go back to sleep
Go back to sleep

‘ll be the one to protect you from
Your enemies and all your demons
I’ll be the one to protect you from
A will to survive and a voice of reason
I’ll be the one to protect you from
Your enemies and your choices son
One and the same I must isolate you
Isolate and save you from yourself

Swaying to the rhythm of the new world order and
Count the bodies like sheep
To the rhythm of the war drum ….

Lyrics from Perfect Circles ‘Pet’.

I am *Very Sorry* to hear that after 125 years the Truth is going out of Biz… It was one of the few truly Independent Media voices in New Zealand.
It was Tits out!…. It covered ‘Nude’ stories the mainstream Media intentionally ignores for the sake of maintaining and pandering to the delusions of the ‘Populus’… the Mob.
It was Raw… seedy…. Real!
With the Truth gone there will be no *Real Free Press* left in NZ. Only Retarded State arse kissing PC wowzer Status quo Nannyist socialist Rubbish which functions like it’s a branch of government.


We will be reduced to Freedom blogs, and ‘Scoop NZ’ … and yet these rely heavily on Non professional Independent activists to supply their take on things.

Stuff article>>>> The Truth newspaper to stop publishing
The Death of the Truth Really is an indictment on just how mediocre minded and sheepish New Zealanders really are.
They are not interested in Independent thinking.
They lap up Reality TV… the kardashians… the Breakfast shows… and they Religiously worship Nanny State.
They believe all lifes problems have political solutions.
They believe in Totalitarian regulation of everything.
They absolutely deny an individual has inalienable rights which ought to be protected from Mobocratic power…. etc etc…

This is a society which tollerates Racist Law and Government.
This is a society of slaves which allows Rapacious Government to fleese them of 80% of their earnings and to give it to lazy bums who cant be bothered getting out of bed in the morning.
This is a society which allows the government to treat us all like children… banning our toys… etc etc…

In a society of sheep… an Independent Paper cant make enough to dosh to pay the lease.

How did New Zealand become so ‘Institutionalised’????
Read more… Lost Plot. World Press Freedom Day.

And it’s not just NZ but the whole of wester Civilisation!
They have allowed their Governments to become their OverLords… To spy on them… to probe them… to disarm them…

“Goodbye Truth! We have no need of thee BAAAAA BAAAAA”

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