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Apple says if they loose Battle against FBI it will lead to Police State. (It’s already here) Obama wants a back door into everyone’s phones.

Dave & Bill Discuss Apple v U.S. Dave & Bill Discuss Apple v U.S. Posted by Dave Champion's Liberty on Saturday, February 27, 2016 Apple’s lawyer: Government wants ‘limitless’ power Apple vs. the FBI: Inside the Battle Snowden Calls “The … Continue reading

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Happy New Year? Let us Re-commit to the Battles of the Minds, Hearts, and Souls of our fellow humanity.

So another year begins. Satan and his Bitches have not buggered off and so this means we lovers of Truth, Justice, and Freedom must Recommit ourselves to the righteous causes and carry on the fight against the lies and Evil … Continue reading

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A robust demonology

Demonic possession? Crazy, crazy shit. No, Richard, your speculation is not a legitimate scientific theory, it is infantile hocus pocus, which is all I’ve come to expect of you. Infantile hocus pocus because demons do not exist, neither do gods, … Continue reading

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Norml J Day Protest Hamilton 2014

Hamilton New Zealand. An Eternal vigilance Salute goes out to Hamilton Activist Gary Chiles for organising the Norml J Day for the Waikato this Year. It took place in the Hamilton Domain (Lake Stage) despite the fact that Hamilton City … Continue reading

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Hell’s Bells! Drugs and Alcohol are being consumed in an Adult manner by the employed masses!

Afroman… what Druggies are supposed to be like… turns out this common portrayal is contradicted by the facts. Some News reports stick out like Dogs Balls for their sheer incredulity. This one in particular is from Stuff…. Live chat: Kiwis’ … Continue reading

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Courts concerned about privacy?

These two permanent signs are at the Rotorua District Court. This one outside every courtroom…   … and this one outside the toilets.

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Should Christians submit to the census?

1 Peter 2:13-17 Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether to a king as the one in authority, or to governors as sent by him for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of those who … Continue reading

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Government’s Criminal Surveillance Blunder

The Crimes Act 1961 Section 408 Act to bind the Crown This Act shall bind the Crown. In theory the Crown is subject to the Crimes Act – being a Crown representative acting for the Crown can not excuse anyone … Continue reading

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Trained circus seals

On Facebook, a libertarian friend posts Sue Bradford complains: “Bennett & English begin promoting next round of welfare changes – this time, it’s drug testing of beneficiaries. No thought appears to be given to lack of adequate A & D … Continue reading

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Privacy = Information Sharing

Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Did you follow through? Good catch? Jesus wants to know how you’re doing. Submit a follow-up report. Doesn’t have to be much. A picture says a thousand words. … Continue reading

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