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Its New Zealand Census night! Have you Filled out your Compulsory On line questionnaire? ….. NOPE!

Apparently its Census night! Apparently we are all supposed to be good little slaves and happily pass on all our personal information to the Leviathan… You know the story… if you have not done anything wrong… if you are not … Continue reading

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The price of freedom is Eternal Vigilance

Eternal Vigilance is 5 years old. šŸ™‚ According to the meaning of numbers in the Bible, the number 5 symbolises God’s grace, goodness and favour toward mankind. The name of this blog is from a speech by John Philpot Curran, … Continue reading

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RIP Clive Burr

RIP Clive Burr (8 March 1957 ā€“ 12 March 2013) I’m waiting in my cold cell when the bell begins to chime Reflecting on my past life and it doesn’t have much time ‘Cause at 5’o’clock they take me to … Continue reading

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I Am Not A Number! Protesting against the Census.

Christian Libertarian Tim Wikiriwhi torches his New Zealand Compusory Census Papers 5-3-13. I am Not a Number! I am not a Statistic! I am not a slave of Nanny State! I know my rights, and the Census is a typical … Continue reading

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This is now.

(Suppose, for the sake of argument.) God created the heavens and the earth … the sun, the moon, the stars, the skies, the land, the seas … the plants, the animals … and mankind. All in the space of six … Continue reading

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