Fire Starter! My Declaration for Non-compliance. NZ Census 2013


Tim Wikiriwhi


Dear Census Collector,
Because of my Christian Libertarian principles I refuse to fill out the Census Papers.
Because they are compulsory, I know they are a violation of my right to privacy and a demonstration of the fact that our government seeks to operate via a Master- Slave relationship.
I reject this conception of government.
The Government works for me.
I am not their servant.

Nor do I accept the utilitarian argument that the Census is ‘helpful’ for the Government in respect to Social planning and policy.
I utterly condemn their totalitarian manipulation as if we, the citizens of New Zealand, are merely a pawns in their game… to be used and controlled as they please.
I reject their Social engineering for the failure and tyranny that it is!
Thus I want my Taxes and my liberty back!
I have no intension of mandating their power tripping madness!

And I know that the government already has all the information regarding how many people live at this address, and how much each individual earns etc, so this fact also makes a double travesty and lie about the so-called necessity to have a compulsory Census.

Furthermore this compulsory Census is estimated to cost me, my family, friends, and neighbors 70-90 million dollars!
It is a gross misappropriation and waste of our hard earned money which was rapaciously extorted from us via other unjust and tyrannical laws and powers!(Re the IRD)

I personally have stood for Parliament many times in the Hamilton West electorate, both as a member of the Libertarianz party, and as an Independent Libertarian with the intension of getting into parliament to bring such socialist despotisms to a end.
Thus I cannot in good conscience fill out the census as it represents everything repugnant about oppressive Government power for which I have dedicated myself to overthrow.

Some people have suggested I fill it out with bogus answers like ‘Jedi’ as my religion… as 56000 people did in 2001, yet I can not do that in good conscience either!
It is no secret that am a Christian, yet I reject the State rights to demand I disclose such information to them.
History has proven what evils such information can bring at the hands of Diabolical Governments.
Thus my refusal to fill out the Census is a far more righteous protest to this intrusion than the thousands of people whom write in lies…. Yet never are they brought before the courts!
This fact proves the State chooses to persecute a tiny minority of principled contentious objectors like myself whose non-compliance has such a minuscule effect to the accuracy of the data collected in comparison to all the misinformation gathered from the thousands of kiwi whom also hate the violation of their privacy yet prefer to submit fraudulent papers rather than risk prosecution for absolute refusal.

That so many people fill out the census with lies just goes to prove what a farce the whole thing is! Compulsion does not increase the accuracy of collected Data!
The Compulsion touters are simply fanatical Statistians who want as large a data set as they can get their greedy hands upon.

I have no beef with the Census personnel.
They don’t write the rules, and most of them are simply trying to earn an honest dollar.
Yet I would ask them how it is that they in good conscience participate in such a nasty and intrusive Government program?
I ask how in good conscience they can parrot the threats of Court action and fines against contentious objectors like myself?
I can only assume they have not thought through the true oppressive nature of the job they are doing, or that some how they are of the belief that this intrusion can be justified… because of the imaginary ‘benefits’ this compulsion is supposed to deliver.

I have no desire to appear before court, or to be convicted, or fined.
I have a Job to maintain and a Family to provide for and the very last thing I need is to hand over more of my money to a State system which is already robbing me blind!
That this is the truth about the census… that it threatens my livelihood and well being of my family is despicable!

With this in mind I am prepared to make the following compromise.
I will fill out my name and address and sign it. That is all.
This was acceptable for the Census people in 2001, and in 2006, and I hope this will be acceptable again in 2013.
That is my final offer.

I have not hassled my wife into refusing to fill out her forms.
She is free to follow her own conscience, and has filled them out as she saw fit.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.


11 thoughts on “Fire Starter! My Declaration for Non-compliance. NZ Census 2013”

  1. As a fellow census dissenter, I applaud you and I am with you every step of the way. I see signing the census form as consenting to be governed, which I simply cannot reconcile with my conscience. I am taking a non-confrontational approach, hoping not to be noticed. However, I will apply myself in court if I have to. Email if you want to compare notes.

  2. Good on you, Stephen. 🙂

    I’m another one “taking a non-confrontational approach, hoping not to be noticed.” Got a large envelope in the mail yesterday from Statistics New Zealand addressed to The Occupant. Unopened.

  3. i object to the census, however, did grudgingly fill it in, as was told that i had to under the law. didn’t realize at the time that i could have just supplied limited info. now, the census crew are coming after us for a further survey where they contact us every 3 months for two years with more questions. I AM ABSOLUTELY WILD ABOUT THIS, LIKE REALLY, REALLY ANGRY AND IT FEELS AS A MASSIVE INTRUSION ON MY LIFE. i’ve told the lady who calls that i want to opt out of any further surveys but they tell me that i HAVE to, its the law? What????????????????????? any suggestions from anyone who has experience dealing with this? i have suddenly realised that i have NO idea of what my rights are as a citizen of NZ, and its time to find out! all feed back and ideas welcome! i refuse to proceed any further with this ridiculous intrusion on my life!

  4. Michelle
    If you refuse you may be subject to penalties. Don’t refuse to answer their questions instead agree to answer their questions on the condition that they prove to you that you must answer their questions.

    This is a reasonable request and I don’t think they could prosecute you without first complying.

    Ask for the proof in writing and post it here if they provide you with a proof.

    If they are acting illegally then you might not hear from them again.

  5. The neighbour of a friend of mine south of Christchurch ripped his up in front of the Census officer and told her that if she came back she was going to get shot. Not as subtle as I would have been but apparently no-one’s been back for his details.

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