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What have I been using for brains? (Friday ramble)

Nathaniel Branden, best known for his adulterous liaison with Ayn Rand, has died at the age of 84. And Jim Peron, best known in New Zealand for his forthright views on pedophilia, has written an approbatory encomium for the Huffington Post. … Continue reading

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Fucked by major burns

[Reprised from beNZylpiperazine, April 2006.] What do Niki Lauda, Hot Lips Houlihan and, now, a growing number of clandestine lab technicians have in common? Drug cooks with acute burns from P lab explosions are bumping other patients off surgery waiting … Continue reading

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What is rationality? (Part 1)

It’s been a while, but tomorrow night The New Inklings meet again! The time is 7 pm. The place is the Downtown House Bar and Cafe at the Downtown Backpackers, corner of Bunny Street and Waterloo Quay, Wellington. We discuss … Continue reading

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