Libertarian Javier Milei could become Argentina’s next President. Tucker Carlson on X Interview

Update: Javier Milei Wins!!!!!!

Read… Hard-right libertarian Milei wins Argentina’s presidential election.

Posted 15 September 2023.
In 3 days Tuckers interview had been watched 401.2 million times.
I have not been able to get the embedding code to properly attach the interview to this post.
Watch Interview Here.

This guy is a wise man. Argentina will be far better off with him at the helm… yet the Soros Schwab WEF Globalists will move to destroy him as they have done with Trump and every one else who defies them.

The Socialist Globalist elites like Gates don’t want Nations like Argentina to save themselves. They want the whole world to be reduced to this condition so they can canabalise these Nations property and resources, and impose the great reset upon them.

He is an inspiration. Best Libertarian speech I have herd in years from a politician.
His words reinvigorate my own Libertarian heart.
Speeches like this prove there is still hope for freedom against the Socialist Globalist New World Order, yet we must rally behind such leaders.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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