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Viva Frei

When you look back…

-They forced us to stay home for “2 weeks to flatten the curve”. Then 2 months. Then 2 years.
-They forced us to “social distance”. Outside.
-They chained up swings in parks. Tied off outdoor basketball nets. Locked up outdoor dog parks.
-They shut down churches and AA meetings, while leaving open Walmart and liquor stores.
-They forced us to wear masks outdoors. At anti-lockdown protests. Which were outlawed in some jurisdictions. While justifying BLM protests because “racism is a public health crisis”.
-They forced us to celebrate holidays alone. To die alone. To grieve alone.
-They restricted who we could have in our own homes.
-They forced us – or tried to force us – to quarantine our healthy kids for mere exposure. Only to claim it was a “communications mistake”.
-They forced us to “contact trace”.
-They forced us and our kids to wear potentially toxic masks for the better part of the day.
-They demonized, censored, issued crippling financial penalties, and even jailed those who protested.
-They forced us to take an experimental medication after having immunized the pharmaceutical companies from all liability.
-They lied to us about safety, efficacy, and quality control.
-They ignored those who were killed by their experimental drug.
-They vilified the grieving parents of deceased children for speaking out.
-They destroyed our economy, transferred our wealth to their already-wealthy political friends, increased their power, while straddling the working class with unbearable debt.

This was not an accident. It was not incompetence. It was not innocent.

It was by design.

It wasn’t a test. It was the first step. And if it passes with no political and legal repercussions, we will have learned nothing, they will have won, and there will be no going back.

I will never forgive. I will never forget. And I will always scream into the abyss until those responsible get there legal and/or political comeuppance.
2:34 pm · 23 Jul 2023

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