Atheist Rage. The Burdick Human Print.

Blogging is fun! It is one means by which a Mans values can be pursued, yet for a working man It is often done at the expense of Sleep.
In a rare occurrence I was browsing the Admin back stage of ‘Eternal Vigilance’ and was surprised to find there are 400+ unpublished Blog articles in various stages of completeness!
Most of them are mine though some aren’t. I am not the Founder or only writer here. I’m a Usurper. Anyway I’m going to look at these 400 odd articles and post as many of my own drafts as I can irrespective of their relevance today to current events’
some will have languished in limbo for up to a decade!
I will put this opening paragraph at the top of each rescued post and will also include a ref date to when the idea to write them was born (historical last edits).
I will do a bit of editing and tidying up and ‘finish’ anything that abruptly stops mid-stream yet my intention is to spend as little effort on them as possible.
They probably will not be as substantial as my original aims which explains why many were not published. I had more to say. (My cardinal vice!)
Will they withstand the weather of Time?
Anyway this one is the first recovered post.
This one tells me it was… Last Edited by Tim on August 2013 at 708pm.
How exciting!

P.S… doing a quick Web search I found another reference here.


When the Burdick human print (human and dinosaur prints found together) hit the news atheists made all kinds of false claims and accusations about it. Claiming that creationists carved it, souvenir shops make and sell them etc..

But the truth is, it’s part of Texas history. Which by the way authenticates it. You can read about it on the page below.

Atheists have fought this so hard in the past it will make them mad that this evidence has resurfaced with new support. This print, which Carl Baugh pushed very hard to get it noticed was one of the reason Baugh pulled himself from the limelight. The atheists attacks on him, for this and other human prints found next to dinosaurs prints were relentless. Even to the point that it caused problems in his family as the atheists pulled out all the stops to involve them. Claiming that certain family members were interviewed and said Baugh was a fraud and was lying, even though a video of this was never produced.

The attacks got so bad that some creation ministries pulled their support of him because it was starting to effect their bottom line because many creationists were started to believe the lies atheists were telling. And some even did pages based on what the atheists said which had no merit. Baugh saw he was getting attacked by all sides and step out of it and I don’t blame him.

But this is a perfect example of how far atheists will go to destroy evidence that does not support their theory.

Read more here>>>> Burdick print, the truth about it.

One of the most vilified positions of Christianity is the *Bible Believer* position of which…. as a King James Bible Man…I am a member.
Another position which many assume to be a part of the essential ‘bible believers’ doctrines is YEC… Young Earth Creationism… of which I am not a member…. and yet I witness the Hatred the young Earth Creationists endure for their faith.

I lay out my beliefs about the Age of the Earth, and trustworthiness of the scriptures here… HOW OLD IS THIS PLANET? THE BIBLE DOES NOT SET A DATE FOR THE CREATION OF THE PLANET EARTH.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

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