International Condemnation for the NZ Green Extremist assault of Posey Parker. Albert Park Auckland 25-3-23.


At The heart of all this strife is the fundamental error of Collectivist ‘Identity politics’, and the fundamental solution is Individualism.
Collectivism is ‘Tribal’ in that it compartmentalizes people into boxes and puts labels on them… their ‘Identities’. They are no longer human Individuals, but inseparable from the classification they now bear. Like Tribalism, Radical Leftist/ Neo Marxist ‘Critical theory’ pits these different Identities against each other in a state of constant struggle… The Oppressed vs the Oppressor. Individualism on the other hand says *all people*… as individuals, irrespective of race, sex, religion, wealth, etc *are equal*… we are all essentially one, and that it is wrong to judge anyone simply upon these factors.

‘Terf’ is an alt Left slander for Feminists it is ok to hate and silence because they don’t subscribe to the belief that Men that self identify as woman… are real woman. They are therefore deemed to be a class of Oppressor, and by Alt Leftists rationale the Transgenders are their ‘victims’… the oppressed.

The shocking spectacle of Green extremist Trans-activism on display at Albert Park on Saturday has sent shockwaves around the globe.
Gay Rights Groups in the UK have utterly condemned the violence and disregard for Free Speech shown by the Rabid Woke Kiwi Far Left.
They are demanding Their government takes Nz Government to task for failure to protect Kellie Jay Keen’s safety… Keen being a British Citizen.

Watch this video… Posie Parker attacked by trans activists: ‘They turn to violence because silencing didn’t worked’ (Below)

“‘Women’s rights campaigner @ThePosieParker was physically assaulted at her “Let Women Speak” event. She believes women’s concerns about sex-based rights are often silenced. And in an effort to disprove her arguments, large groups of angry men turned up to stop her from speaking.’

World Number 1 Best selling Author and critic of Trans-Activist extremism JK Rowling expressed support for Posie Parker and condemned the violence of New Zealands Alt Left Trans-activists.

” Rowling tweeted that the protests had been “repellent scenes” in which “a mob assaulted women speaking up for their rights”.

The Harry Potter author said there had been videos of Parker being assaulted, saying: “Women have become used to lies, threats of violence and outright denial of reality, but if you imagine anyone feels ‘defeated’, think again. Your men’s rights activists showed the world exactly who they are.”

Parker’s appearance in New Zealand had been highly controversial before her arrival. She had organised a “Let Women Speak” tour of Australia and New Zealand, holding rallies in several cities to claim the push for transgender rights was silencing, endangering and discriminating against women…”
From here.

BOOM! Lets hope the British government does wake up… and call in the New Zealand ambassador to explain.
Heads should roll here…. esp in the Police Hierarchy and Green Party, and in The Media! Hipkins needs to explain his silence too!

The Spectacle of violence and hate on display at Albert park on Saturday may have sparked the undoing of the Radical Left Globalist’s grip over many Lobby groups awakening to the realisation they’ve been subverted from peaceful activism into tools for tyranny.
The Machiavellian Core Marxist ideologues and Globalist powers like George Soros have been financing extremist Groups like the Trans-Rights community to undermine Western civilisation and Freedom, attacking Traditional values and backed the socialist push for Censorship of Anti-globalist Pro Freedom advocates.

These Shrill vocal groups act as a tail wagging the dog, capturing headlines in the press, paralysing the sheeple herd , preparing the soil for Socialist minions of the WEF to radically alter our society without facing any opposition. Opposition MPs are either gullible devotees to the woke cult themselves or too shit scared to speak out against this process by which our nations are being subverted and put into lockstep with WEF agendas. To complain was to be labeled a hateful Nazi. For Years now anyone brave enough to speak out has been targeted for political/ professional assassination (otherwise known as Cancel culture) . That’s how Traditional values are being successfully demonised and disenfranchised and replaced with the radical ideas of Alt Left extremists believed by only a minority of Cultists.

Hopefully Prosecutions for assault will be forth coming (don’t hold your breath) particularly for the Intersex Trans-activist who poured soup over Posie Parker and her security guard, and maybe even some of the Alt Left Green Party MPs will also face Disciplinary actions.
The Green Party has a Co operation agreement with the Labour government.
Green Party Co-leader and ‘Minister for Domestic Violence’ is facing scrutiny for Sexist, Racist comments she made while walking away elated from the Mob frenzy and full of woke Bravardo about ‘White Cis-gender Males’ being the chief cause of violence!

The total lack of self-awareness is mind boggling given she had just participated in an extremist mob of Non-Cisgender violence perpetuated upon a woman!
Racist, Sexist and Deranged!
With Unobjective bigots like her in power shows how Men are demonised and descriminated against by the Police and Courts. Truth is Women are just as guilty of domestic violence, yet get away with it. They don’t get prosecuted. Men suffer in silence.

She is now making lame excuses for her patently bigoted and false statements, and is being aided in her lies by the NZ press claiming she was ‘not thinking clearly’ after being struck by a motorcycle earlier on in the day. The press are stitching together her alibi.
There is however plenty of evidence she was unscathed from that happenstance, and meant every word she said.

The Backlash against what happened at Albert Park has been massive!
The whole debacle has gone viral.
Without even speaking Posie Parkers Claims Trans activists are violent extremists, and a danger to woman’s rights proven for the whole world to see.
It is being said She won the day!
IMO She did win though the way it went down was not at all the way she wanted it to go. Nor did she come here to stoke trouble but to defend woman’s rights that are in peril from that very hateful group. She was robbed of that. The Woke radicals were true to form and sunk their own ship.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

6 thoughts on “International Condemnation for the NZ Green Extremist assault of Posey Parker. Albert Park Auckland 25-3-23.”

  1. Watching a recent interview with Posie Parker she said she has been using her name Kellie Jay Keen ‘for some time’ I did not know this before , yet I believe we should respect her and refer to her as Kellie Jay Keen in any future tweets. I’m going to do this anyway… just sayin.

  2. “Mostly Peaceful” hahaha. Touche!
    Reminds me of the ‘mostly peaceful’ BLM/ ANTFA Riots in the US in which whole Cities burned!
    The Bia of the Leftist Global Media is palpable!
    Those who mobbed Kellie Jay Keen and the Rioters in the US share the same Extremist Marxist ideology.

  3. No amount of Bogus Sociology or revisionist history can absolve her overt bigotry as her sexism and racism is hard wired by her Collectivist Identity politics. Collectivism compartmentalizes people in bulk. Oppressors vs victims. They are no longer self responsible Individuals.

  4. Hilarious! They’re so obsessed with Identity politics and fabricating fantastic lies they fail to see such ludicrous claims render their movement ridiculous! So… Pakeha spread Transphobia to oppress Maori!
    Trans-activism is a tool of Maori Radicalism?
    Which rings true?

  5. Police lay assault charge on woman who threw juice over Posie Parker

    The person who tipped tomato juice over anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull – also known as Posie Parker – has been charged with common assault.

    A police spokesperson said a person has been summoned to appear in the Auckland District Court.

    “As the matter is before the Court no further comment will be made at this time,” the spokesperson said.

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