The New Zealand Met Service has become Woke. Twitter. @ChrisALee_NZ

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Update: Richard Dawkins came to New Zealand and wrote an article how science in this country is being undermined by Woke ideology that panders to Maori myths and legends…

Dawkins writes…
“….I’m in New Zealand, climax to my antipodean speaking tour, where I walked headlong into a raging controversy. Jacinda Ardern’s government implemented a ludicrous policy, spawned by Chris Hipkins’s Ministry of Education before he became prime minister. Science classes are to be taught that Māori ‘Ways of Knowing’ (Mātauranga Māori) have equal standing with ‘western’ science. Not surprisingly, this adolescent virtue-signalling horrified New Zealand’s grown-up scientists and scholars. Seven of them wrote to the Listener magazine. Three who were fellows of the NZ Royal Society were threatened with an inquisitorial investigation. Two of these, including the distinguished medical scientist Garth Cooper, himself of Māori descent, resigned (the third unfortunately died). I was delighted to meet Professor Cooper for lunch, with others of the seven. His resignation letter cited the society’s failure to support science against its denigration as ‘a western European invention’. He was affronted, too, by a complaint (not endorsed by the NZRS) that ‘to insist Māori children learn to read is an act of colonisation’. Is there an implication here – condescending, if not downright racist – that ‘indigenous’ children need separate, special treatment?…”

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So this is what is going on with the NZ Met Service.

In an NZ Herald article we read the response from a woke indigenous reasearcher which was embarrassing yet predictable. In absence of any cogent argument in defense of including ‘Maori ways of knowing’ Mc Allister repairs to fake claims of Racism. She insults Maori suggesting we are oppressed by ‘colonising science’ when Maori were quick to take full advantage of it.

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