Why Motorcycle helmets are Cool.


A picture speaks a thousand words of wisdom, that many who need those lessons cant be bothered to read.
The Pic above show why Helmets are Cool, and no helmet is Dumb.
Yet still there ought to be *No Law* imposing their use as not only is that a corrupt Nanny State over-reach, We need to foster a society of *intelligent self-responsibility*…. where common sense prevails…. Good Ideas ought not to need Laws but be readily embraced voluntarily because of their obvious utility and virtue.
Bad/ dictatorial Laws can actually generate dopey rebellion… like all Nanny state laws… there are always unexpected and inconvenient negative consequences.
So you get “Rebels’ whose natural lust for defiance of silly Nanny state drives them to flout not just the law… but common sense… and you get legions of little black sheep who also think such Helmet-less rebels ‘are cool’ … fueling the Myth.

Ultimately how you choose to peacefully live your life is up to you.

I could post pictures here of what happens when riders hit face first wearing open face helmets, yet they are far too grotesque.
So Full face helmets are essential.
Always buy the best quality Helmet you can afford… Don’t skimp!
Always ensure your visor is not dulled, and dirty.
Get Anti-fog ‘Pin lock’ ‘double glazzing’ to reduce fogging.
Get a retracting sun visor, or shades that are shaped to comfortably fit your head inside your helmet ready for riding into the sun as sun strike is a killer too.

Tim Wikiriwhi
New Zealand Biker.

Update: My rave solicited this response in favor of Compulsory Helmets…

“The trouble with allowing people to voluntarily adopt sensible practices is that most of them don’t…hence the intervention of the state to protect people against their own stupidity.”

I replied : ” Yet all that does is create a cotton wool society scared of freedom, and with no sense of self responsibility.
The very evils you say your laws are supposed to fix.
We have a State ‘Education system’ with mass produces morons.
The fact is that once a person hits 16… they should be a fully functioning Adults… yet with your ever- expanding Nanny state laws the generations are getting dopey-er and dopey-er.
To the degree that now some folk *Never become* self-responsible individuals.
We need to reverse this trend.”

My argument is a consistent philosophy of Liberty, Self responsibility, and clearly defined limits to Government intervention that stops busy bodies imposing their beliefs on others and leaves people free to reap what they sow.
This does not mean we cant work to get a better culture of safety.
It simply means we need to use persuasion rather than Jackbooted Compulsions.
My argument *tends* towards self-responsibility… whereas Nanny State *tends* towards abdication of self-responsibility.

The big mistake is thinking Compulsions work.
These folk dont love liberty enough.
You simply cant fix stupidity with a Truncheon.
There is a body of data which suggests bicycle helmet laws are making cyclists more reckless…. Think about that.
Bad/ short sighted Compulsions dont work…. even though simplistic minds cant see past their own noses.

myth bads

^^^ Pictures like this Fuel the deceptive Romance of Risk… I love this pic as it reeks of fantastic sex… Humans are so easily led to destruction… in droves.
* A Real Man* would not risk a babes life like this.

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  1. The helmet in the picture is actually damaged by using a belt sander, not from an actual accident. Commonly used picture, but also commonly mis-used image.

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