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Frau Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is not amused

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Objectivism. Now with added ceremony and ritual!

There is no worse place to find the the moral case for capitalism and individualism than through Ayn Rand’s writings and works. Ayn Rand: Godmother of Satanism. The damage she inflicted on the libertarian movement is incalculable. See also Atheism. Now … Continue reading

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Imbecile Nations watch Greece crumbling… yet fail to grasp the lesson, and modify their own institutions.

Take a good look at what has happened in Greece. It is happening all about western Socialist democracies, and the same fate will happen here too… eventually because New Zealand is governed by the same Economic and social lunacy. The … Continue reading

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Frantic disembowelment

Judas Iscariot was one of the original Twelve Disciples. He betrayed Jesus to the Jewish religious authorities for the sum of thirty pieces of silver. We all know what happened next. Jesus was crucified. But what happened to Judas? The … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Plaything

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Saints of the Week (6th to 12th July)

SISOëS the Great (6th July, d. 429AD) Many Saints of the Church are very difficult to write about in an entertaining way – especially those who live their lives in solitude as tonsured monastics.  It is truly and literally a … Continue reading

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The Eternal Plaything

An excerpt from The Divine Tragedy (1922) by Arthur St. John Adcock. How could it ever all be otherwise? There is no place in our philosophies For Christ, as when His story did begin At Nazareth there was no room … Continue reading

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SHEDD. New Release. One In The Same.

Facebook>>> SHEDD

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RIP Sir Nicholas Winton

The ‘English Schindler’ has died…. the Lord extended his days….. 106. Rest in peace You great friend of humanity! He saved 669 Children from Satan’s Minion. Von Stuck’s ‘Wild Chase’1889… Look at the Rider’s face….

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Saints of the Week (29th June to 5th July)

PETER and PAUL (29th June, d.67AD) Most Christian readers ought to be familiar with these two “Princes of the Apostles”, whose joint feast day was celebrated this last Monday, and is regarded as the fourth most important feast of the … Continue reading

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