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The Gospel of John

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Saint of the Week (22nd to 28th June)

ELIZABETH, Mother of the Forerunner (24th June) Known for her faithfulness to God in the face of childlessness, Elizabeth is the mother of John the Baptist, and her feast day is the same as John’s birthday. Ā Tradition has it that … Continue reading

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Saints of the Week (15th to 21st June)

I’ve kinda been busy getting married and whatnot, so I wasn’t sure what to do in resuming Saints of the Week – do I cover all the ones I missed, or do I just resume for the week at hand … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga – Born This Way… Happy Birthday Richard.

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BLACK SABBATH’s GEEZER BUTLER: ‘I Always Felt That God And Jesus Wanted Us To Love Each Other’: Blabbermouth. net

“In a brand new interview with The Weeklings, BLACK SABBATH bassist Geezer Butler was asked if he got any backlash over SABBATH singing a message of repentance and God being the only way to love on the “Master Of Reality” … Continue reading

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Evolutionism vs. Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg machines are AWESOME! šŸ™‚ Hand of the alarm clock strikes the hour … nek minnit roll the credits! The red ute is OK Go … nekminnit … band members splattered with paintballs of many colours! Pull the lever … Continue reading

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A robust demonology

Demonic possession? Crazy, crazy shit. ļæ¼No, Richard, your speculation is not a legitimate scientific theory, it is infantile hocus pocus, which is all I’ve come to expect of you. Infantile hocus pocus because demons do not exist, neither do gods, … Continue reading

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You lose chumps! State sport, FIFA corruption

Be careful what you wish for… ye masses. I’m not a Sports Fanatic. Dont watch Rugby. Pay no attention to League, Soccer… boring… so I dont know much about sporty stuff. I am however compelled to be interested in politics, … Continue reading

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What goes up must come down

Auckland rates are already too damn high, and they’re about to get unaffordably higher next month because Auckland Council voted for a 9.9% rates increase! Democracy, said H. L. Mencken is the theory that the common people know what they … Continue reading

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