Bad Apples. Heretics and Infidels.


One of the chief reasons I am opposed to the Death penalty is firstly Human Justice systems suffer the ‘Human factor’ to the greatest degree, and are notorious for passing Bad judgements against innocent people, and secondly because History proves that Satan’s Minions love to exercise this power to kill off the Righteous Free thinkers whom refuse to Bow down before them.

Socrates scentenced to death via Hemlock.

sophie scholl

White Rose. Hans and Sophie Scholl – The Final Days: True Story of Anti-Nazi Activist

The Martyrdom of St Paul.

The Crucifixion of Christ.

Pilate washes his hands.

The Morning Star of the Reformation. John Wycliffe. Unfortunately for the Tyrannical Roman Cathocic church, Wycliffe died before they declared him to be a heretic and murder him…. so they dug up his bones and burned them!
I take the greatest pride that my sir name ‘Wikiriwhi’ is a transliteration of the Name Wycliffe.
It is a great honour to carry the name of the this Towering personality and Righteous Man deemed ‘A heretic’ by the despotic powers of his day.

Like Christ, I find it much more preferable to sit with the sinners and Infidels than with the ‘Whited sepulchres’ in their ‘High Seats’.
Christ considered the Hypocrisy, and Vain Self righteousness practised by the ‘Orthodoxy’ of his day to be the greatest Sins of All…. “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?”

That’s why they sought council as to how they might Kill Him.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Christian Libertarian.

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Hell is for the Self Righteous, Heaven is for Sinners.

9 thoughts on “Bad Apples. Heretics and Infidels.”

  1. Tim

    Western nations that still have the death penalty, mostly just some states in the USA, have ‘degrees’ of murder. My understanding is that the burden of proof required for the degree of murder that carries the death penalty is much higher than ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

    I believe our last hanging was in the 1960’s. I’m not sure if hanging is a deterrent, but murder rates have escalated somewhat since then. If we had a ‘degrees’ system where the death penality required ‘two or more witnesses’ where one witness could be DNA evidence, then I’d support it. I suspect many other Kiwi’s would also.

    1. Dont you think DNA evidence could be planted?
      And witnesses are actually very unreliable… this is a little talked about reality because so much of our justice system hangs upon the assumption that this very very dubious ‘evidence’ is reliable when in fact it reeks of the ‘human factor’.

      The Cops always hope to get a confession… that is considered the best way to get a conviction… esp if it is accompanied by admissions of knowledge that is probably only known by the perp.
      Yet still Evil police/ inquisitors can also extract false confessions via Mind fucks and torture, etc…. Videos can be faked… so there is very little which can ever be said to be beyond doubt.
      Having said this society loves to punish *someone* for crimes… and so they dont loose too much sleep worrying about the strength of the case…. as long as the go though the charade of a trial…. and a conviction is passed by a judge/ etc…

  2. The death penalty should only be used on those too dangerous to be kept alive. Whether people like that actually exist is usually a matter of opinion–and perhaps that’s the thing people are arguing about in the illegalization (is that even a word?) or the keeping legal of the death penalty. Just my bitcoin.

    1. The problem with that theory is that the Powers that be may consider any critic ‘too dangerous’ to be left alive.

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