Stomp vs. squat

For extreme metal fans only.


Suicide Silence are playing Auckland tonight.

Here’s one reason I’m not there.

I don’t think the new vocalist Hernan Hermida is as good a vocalist as Mitch Lucker. But, even if he were, that’s not the point. The point is, he’s not Mitch Lucker.

Did the Doors get a new vocalist when Jim Morrison died? No, they did not. They quit. (After trying to carry on for a little while as a threesome, releasing two “Doors” albums into oblivion.) Some band members are essential to the identity of a band, not mere session musicians.

Mitch Lucker was such an essential. Too bad he had to get drunk, argue with his wife, then jump on his motorcyle only to wrap himself around a utility pole, leaving his wife a widow and his 5-year-old daughter fatherless. šŸ˜„

RIP Mitch Lucker

Mitch Lucker 600x300

2 thoughts on “Stomp vs. squat”

    1. True, and that’s part of the problem, I think. I read that it’s a recognised phenomenon when making animated film or game characters … that the ones who are *most* similar to humans actually seem less human than the ones who are *less* similar (e.g., Spongebob vs. Lara Croft circa early Tomb Raider video games). Psychologically, being too much of a close likeness actually exaggerates the remaining differences!

      Hermida’s “lows” are better than Lucker’s, for sure, but when it comes to the “highs” he doesn’t have that raspy, sick sound that Mitch had made his own. Not really knocking Hermida, I just think he’s in the wrong band.

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