No sex in Heaven

Then the Sadducees, who say there is no resurrection, came to him with a question. “Teacher,” they said, “Moses wrote for us that if a man’s brother dies and leaves a wife but no children, the man must marry the widow and raise up offspring for his brother. Now there were seven brothers. The first one married and died without leaving any children. The second one married the widow, but he also died, leaving no child. It was the same with the third. In fact, none of the seven left any children. Last of all, the woman died too. At the resurrection whose wife will she be, since the seven were married to her?”

Jesus replied, “Are you not in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God? When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.” (NIV)

What is Heaven? What is eternal life? Although the Bible tells us little, at least Heaven and eternal life rate a mention. (Not so with that other place, Hell, which isn’t mentioned once in literal translations of the Bible, such as Young’s Literal Translation.)

How do you think you’re going to spend the rest of eternity?

3 thoughts on “No sex in Heaven”

  1. I think it’s a bit disingenuous to say “hell” isn’t mentioned, although there is no words in Greek or Hebrew used in the tex that describe a physical place equivalent to the modern Western understanding of the word. However, there is much in the Bible that indicates a form of torture and punishment for the damned. You can debate whether this is eternal, or ends in annihilation, but it is hell by any other name.

  2. Lol Richard you crazy focker!
    No sex in heaven! Demmit pass that footnote to the crazy farking muslims so they stop trying to blow themselves up! So thats whyyyyy the 72 virgins are virginsssss lmao!

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