5 thoughts on “God; The epitome of free Agency. William Lane Craig .”

  1. This question have to do with free will and God.

    If God only acts in accordance with his nature, can he be said to have free will?


    Well, I think that he has free will.

    And I would say that to be free is to be free of causal determinants outside of oneself. Your choice is up to you, it is not determined by causal factors outside yourself.

    And clearly in the case of God, he’s free, in that sense, because there are no causal factors outside of God in so far as he exists alone without the universe, there isn’t even anything outside him until he creates world.

    So God is obviously free to create the world of not, because there aren’t any causal factors outside of him and even afterwards there’s nothing that can cause God to choose the way he does because he’s omnipotent, he’s the creator, he’s over everything.

    So I think God is the epitome of libertarian freedom.

  2. Why it helps to formalise arguments, i.e., present them with clearly labelled premises(s) and a clearly labelled conclusion, is because the discipline of doing so helps to clarify your thinking.

    In the case of writing out the transcript of an argument, as I just did above, the mere act of doing so can reveal all you need to know.

    In this case, it’s obvious that WLC does’t even address the question. For shame! šŸ™

  3. On second thoughts, WLC does address the question. He (might as well have) said:

    To have free will is to act only in accordance with one’s nature.

    Is that the right answer? For shame! šŸ™

  4. Free = Free from determinism.
    Will = the determination of consciousness.

    Can our “will” be “free” if it is determined by our consciousness?

    You can only truly have free will if your will is determined by your consciousness.
    If your will is determined by our consciousness then your will is not truly free.

    “Free will” is a bad term.

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