Could you be a non person?

Abortion is legal becuase a fetus is a non person.

Men who use prostitutes are making these women objects, and therefore non persons.

You dispose of a relationship because your partner no longer satisfys you, your partner becomes a non person.

You befriend someone, but only becuase you want something from him/her. This is a non person.

You don’t understand the concept of two way relationship. Everyone you know is a non person.

You pray for a miracle, but you forget to invite God over for beer and pizza with your mates. God is a non person.

We exist as a collective society, but not as individuals. We are all non persons.

I’m only Human

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One Response to Could you be a non person?

  1. Tim says:

    …. Dont Bogart that Joint …. my friend.
    Welcome Adam!

    I hate it when my Missus ‘Non-person’s’ me!

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