Paul Walker. Not just another Norma Jean.


News of Paul Walker’s death has flooded the net and facebook, and I must confess to being cynical about all the fuss.
Not knowing that much about him, and not really being all that much of a ‘Fast and Furious’ fan, I was thinking that all this hype was kinda silly, and that he died being a bit of a stupid bugger… just another Hollywood.

I was thinking that the prime mover of what fans were really upset about was not that a person was dead, but that they were driven by *Envy*… they were pissed that *Someone who had the world at his feet*… some one with Money, Fame, and Sex Power was dead…. so young… so many Babes left unslayed…. so many bags of blow left un-snuffed.
Yes…. most of these bleeding hearts change the channel when ever their local news reports about ‘ordinary folk’ dying in their own towns and villages.
Fickle as.
Paul Walker…. Just another Norma Jean.


I should not have been so jaded…
The truth is…. for better or worse Movie stars and Rockers do play a significant roll in ‘us plebs’ lives… they enrich our sometimes mundane existences … they add poetry and dramatic effect to our experiences, and they give us visions and dreams.
And personal success and beauty are indeed things to be admired and enjoyed.
Most importantly I forgot that Famous people are ordinary people too…

rip dad
Paul Walker has left behind a grieving Daughter….

The more I think about this the more I begin to see that it is more likely my cynicism which is germinated from envy.
Maybe it is because it’s easier to appreciate the value of human life …the waste…. the loss… the tragedy when a Rich, beautiful, and famous person dies…. than when a Starving Ethiopian dies many people probably think they are better off! ???

Rich… Poor.
Famous…. nobody.
Old… Young.
Black… white.
Male…. female….etc.
Death makes us all Equals.

What I now want to talk about is an Irony.
It’s both a great pleasure, but something that also adds extra grief… there was more to Paul Walker than merely Looks, Talent, fame, fortune,…
Indeed he was *the Full package*…. he was not only outwardly handsome …. he had depth of soul… he was a caring, charitable, Christian.
Praise the Lord… this makes his death even more tragic…. the world needs people like him.
He died while engaged in charity work for the Philippines Typhoon relief.
Which in itself is a testimony of a humanitarian.
What-more… according to Ray Comfort…. Paul was also a man who shared the Good news of Salvation and Eternal life through Jesus Christ!
He was a cool Christian!

From R.I.P Paul Walker

“Many people know Paul, but not everyone knows his story. Paul Walker has traveled around the world helping those in need after natural disasters. He was one of the few celebrities to donate over $2.5 million dollars to people who were in need of shelter and food. He was a true hero.
Share To Show Respect –> R.I.P Paul Walker ”

rip paul walker

Read the following….

Paul Walker, on atheism (source IMDb):
“I’m a Christian now. The things that drove me crazy growing up was how everyone works at fault-finding with different religions.”


“The people I don’t understand are atheists. I go surfing and snow boarding and I’m always around nature. I look at everything and think, ‘Who couldn’t believe there’s a God? Is all this a mistake?’ It just blows me away.” 150,000 people die every 24 hours. Those who repent and trust alone in Jesus have everlasting life.”
Paul Walker.

Paul’s testimony is for mortal sinners to trust in Jesus!

For details see Paul Walker on set.

Liberated this from >>>Here<<< ***************************************** As a Father, and friend Paul has left this awesome testimony of faith! Though he has gone... His legacy to his daughter is... *have faith.... and we shall be reunited!* In Christ there is Hope! Without Christ.... only despair. surfing

Now when I contemplate all his achievements…. his testimony, and charity…. I am humbled.
Paul Walker truly was a man to be admired.
He’s not even dead!

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

Update: You gotta check out this link below!

From Tinseltown to tsunami-zone: Moving never-before-seen images of Paul Walker’s inspirational charity work across the globe

11 thoughts on “Paul Walker. Not just another Norma Jean.”

  1. Oh wow amazing I had no clue about him professing his Religious beliefs. This helps my heart feel lil better now. At least I know one day we will see heavens new Angel Paul Walker in heaven and his legacy to Meadow is beautiful.

    1. Yes Angel it was good news to hear that he has trusted his eternal soul to Christ.
      He has left a wonderful testimony and the example that Christian’s can be cool peeps too…
      And this is vital in reaching the youth of today.
      Old stereotypes of monks and nuns can put a lot of young people off even contemplating becoming Christian.
      Paul’s testimony will save souls.

  2. I can not express how happy this makes me. I have been so distraught thinking yet another “good man” was lost. That is the hardest thing for people to accept. Being “good” doesn’t make you a Christian, NOR does it mean you will get in to heaven, sadly. I have had such a heavy heart for what I thought was his lost soul and while it’s so sad we have lost someone who tried to help people, and witness for Christ, I can say I am thankful to know he trusted his life and his soul to Jesus Christ. I hope God uses his death to bring others closer to Himself. I also hope his friend loved Jesus too.

    1. Yes Deana…. it is consoling to know that he had saving faith in Christ.
      Sooner or later all mortals must pass through death’s door.
      Christ gives us Christians great hope, and comfort, and assurance that we have peace and forgiveness with God.

  3. Very interesting post. I didn’t know very much about Paul Walker either but I live about a block away from the crash site of his death so I felt compelled to find out more about him. I noticed on his Facebook page that he had quoted my favorite author Ayn Rand, a few days before his death. So I wonder if he was a closet Libertarian as well. As an interesting side note, Ayn Rand was an atheist.

      1. Well I’d thought I’d mention that for all the dumb Christian rednecks out there who like to quote Ayn Rand but no nothing about her. It’s the same group of dumb rednecks that think Jesus was white and don’t realize that they’re worshiping a Middle Eastern person whom they probably would be racist against if they actually saw him in person. And if you’re offended by this then you know you’re one of those people. Hehehe

  4. Yes I know a lot about him, and that he is a fellow believer. The illuminati are tied up in his death, and it was the same situration as Princess Dianna’s car crash, remotely took control of the car. He was about to go public on the Indonesian “storm” and the post storm vaccinations that was given to the children, for measles and polio, which he believed really was a mass sterilization of all 5 year olds and under…. He also had evidence that the donation/relief monies were ripped off and wasn’t going to helping the victims. I guess at the end of the day God allowed him to go home, so we probably shouldn’t worry so much, as to be absent from the body is to be with the Lord It is a shame when men and woman of God are taken so young.

      1. Here are the corrections to my first comments It was Typhoon Haiyan, in the Philippine’s and permanent birth control was supposedly in medicinal supplies and food aid. As well as millions spent on vaccinations’ for 5 year olds and under…. for measles and polio.
        excerpt By Susan Duclos

        [Update- 12/5/13] Death Photos and autopsy results.

        [MAJOR UPDATE] – Two explosions seen on surveillance video footage [END UPDATE]

        Conspiracy forums have posed an interesting theory on Paul Walker’s untimely death from a car crash on Saturday, where they tie it in, and call it murder to prevent Walker, who was part of the Phillipine relief effort, from exposing “a conspiracy to supply victims of Typhoon Haiyan with a prototype permanent birth control drug hidden in medicinal supplies and food aid.” Another theory is that Walker discovered dirty money in the Philippines disaster relief and that it “would make sense because he owned a company that specialized in rapid disaster relief.”

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