Arguments from arrogance

The following are arguments from arrogance:

Your beliefs are absurd and should be considered as falsehoods unless they can be proven true.

My beliefs are reasonable and should be accepted as truths unless they can be proven false.

To say the burden of proof is yours is to argue from arrogance.

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2 Responses to Arguments from arrogance

  1. Tim Wikiriwhi says:

    The greatest torment in Hell for the infidel will be a eternal/ inescapable truth that they chose to accept the Spaghetti monster instead of Christ…
    Talk about an indelible ‘L’ on you’re forehead!
    … on top of all the other absurdities that is… like Scientism, Evolution, Nihilism, etc etc.
    There are too many bad arguments upon which atheism clings to name.

  2. reed says:

    Two problems with eternal torment.
    1. Many scriptures indicate it is false.
    2. It makes God out to be malicious.

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