Sweet Baby! Where have you been all my life? Oh…


Ha ha ha ha ha!…. Sad but true.
Still waiting to meet your Slutty soulmate?
Hey dont bleat!
Have *you been saving yourself for them???*

^^^^ Westy Bogan/Skank life in the early 90’s.
If only we had more self control, and didnt devalue sex, or treat sex like its an amusement Park… and actually had integrity to Christian values.
Then Sex may actually mean something far more special….
Look at the chaos and destruction ‘free love’ causes… the abortions, the murders, the suicides, the wreaked hearts and bitter lives….etc etc…
Tim Wikiriwhi
Fornicator, Adulterer, Sexual Deviant… Penitent Sinner saved by grace.
Christain Libertarian.


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