Are the Greens communists? (Part 2)


So, in other words …

National didn’t force upper income earners to pay $2billion extra a year in tax. They then said there isn’t enough money for our welfare programs for low income earners so we have to sell the assets. But who could afford to buy shares?

Those whom National didn’t force to pay an extra $2billion.

On top of that, National spent around $100m on the MRP privatisation process. As many as 100,000
or so New Zealanders bought shares, or about $1000 per investor. So they didn’t give a one-off tax rebate of $22.50 per NZer and sold the company to 2.25% of NZers instead.

The National government bungled the asset sales but at least they’re not communists.

3 thoughts on “Are the Greens communists? (Part 2)”

  1. And of course they’re not assets – they’re all liabilities, along with every other SOE, every school, every hospital, every government department and every building.

    these liabilities should be handed back to those who paid for them – the 2% – with grateful thanks, not flogged of so National can flush another few billion away on yet more useless welfare!

  2. That is very true Angry T.
    As long as They keep spending, We are Buggered.
    Yet As you also say… privatisation ditches SOE *liablities*.
    Yet a also agree with Richard… this does not count as a *real reform* because the state is still maintaining *control*, This makes it a step away from Communism, but straight into Fascism! (Comunism being defined as State ownership of the means of production, and Fascism being defined as State control of the means of production, while allowing a semblance of Private ownership and profit. The Nazis were smart on this point saying they did not care who owned businesses…as long as they did what the Nazi state wanted.
    Thus the method of privatisation stinks!
    I do not slam the tax cuts mentioned above though they are news to me…are those even valid numbers????

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