Behead those who ridicule Colin Craig!


Let’s be clear (in case any of Colin’s supporters are reading this). I am NOT calling for the beheading of those who ridicule Colin Craig. This is satire.

Earlier this week, however, Colin Craig was threatening to sue those who ridicule Colin Craig. Suing is so much more civilised than beheading, but both belong on the same slippery slope. Threats to sue those who ridicule Colin Craig and threats to behead all those who insult the Prophet both have a chilling effect on free speech.

Freedom of speech is the bedrock of our democracy. Any attempt to stifle free speech, whether by threats of beheading or threats of legal action, must be nipped in the bud early. It is a relief to read that Colin Craig abandons defamation suit. But he should never have threatened The Civilian in the first place. That he did shows contempt for the most basic of our Western values.


Meanwhile, 25,000 Muslims March in England Calling for Laws to Silence Critics of Islam.

Up to 25,000 British Pakistani men, women and children from across the UK gathered in Aston Park to call on the British government to introduce legislation that bars people from insulting Islam under the garb of the freedom of speech.

The participants, who also travelled from several parts of European cities, were led in a mile-long march by Hazrat Peer Alauddin Siddiqui. This is the fourth consecutive gathering for the biggest Melaad-un-Nabi of British Pakistanis in Britain but this year it was dedicated to “protect the honor and legacy of Hazrat Muhammad”.

“To say Islamic terrorists represent the Muslim religion,” says this meme, “is like saying the Ku Klux Klan represents the Christian religion.” But this misses the point. Islamic terrorists are NOT a minority of Muslims. There’s at least 25,000 living in the UK and openly seeking to subvert freedom of speech under the guise of a ban on insulting their evil politico-religious ideology!

Restrictions on Islamic immigration must be put in place now before it is too late. It’s a numbers game.


5 thoughts on “Behead those who ridicule Colin Craig!”

  1. I think your blog highlights the evolving danger we face in losing more of our rights to free speech but in this case, knowing the person involved, it demonstrates a level of political inexperience from him and/or his team of advisers on what to rise up about and when to pick a fight.

  2. Those smirking fools who front 7 Sharp will say anything that promotes their own trendy left-leaning social engineering agenda. The mainstream media abuse their position of influence when they indulge in puerile character assassination. Forever promoting their own biased views – they just can’t help themselves as they pick one target after another for their nasty “liberal” jibes. Freedom of speech is one thing – freedom to libel others is quite another thing. You wonder whether or not they can tell the difference.

  3. The Civilian satirical piece on Colin was anything but satire.Thats why Colin took the action he did. The article was downright nasty portraying him as a religious person with references to Noahs Ark. The Conservative Party is not a religious party but the GLBT movement want to project that image as it would discourage mainstream Kiwis from joining.Colin is not anti gay ,neither are his statements. But GayLesbianBT movement want to condemn anyone that states being Gay is not normal.We know its not normal but that doesnt mean we are anti gay.Been fat is not normal either so i guess that means by saying that im anti fat people. Bollocks.

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