New Book. Twisting the Treaty.


Six notable authors, have just published a challenging new book about the way the Treaty of Waitangi has been twisted to be greatly in favour of Maori tribes in the last 30 years. These twistings include the rewriting o…f our history by political “historians”, the never-ending so called Treaty claim process, and privatising and giving away our foreshore and seabed, as well as our native flora and fauna, and the rorts that apply to our sea fishery.

If you are interested in these matters, then this book, “Twi$ting the Treaty – A tribal Grab for Wealth and Power” provides readily readable discussion on these topics. The Cover below.

Warning – the book is factual and is non-PC, one of its charms in my view.
The book is available at a retail cost of $40. It has 414 pages and 16 photo pages.
But with 16 self-contained chapters it does not have to be read all at once.

Where to obtain it:
1 Good bookstores throughout NZ or
2 Write to Tross Publishing, P O Box 22 143, Khandallah, Wellington, 6441 with your order and cheque
3 Also see our website, for info and to order.

Enjoy your reading.

^^^^ Hat Tip: Tom Henry via Facebook.

Libertarians Tim Wikiriwhi and Guest Peter Cresswell On the New Freeland Radio Show.

Great to see Ex Libertarianz Party Leader Peter Cresswell listed as a Co Author of Twisting the Treaty!
Watch Here @ Eternal Vigilance for further commentary on this Book.

P.S Deep Purple in Concert Tonight! Yeah!

11 thoughts on “New Book. Twisting the Treaty.”

  1. I have read it among other books and it is correct in some ways and absolute rubbish in others. And if you think this book should be in schools then many other books that tell the other side of the story which are also filled with some rubbish should be in there! This way children are really confused.

  2. This is a fantastic well balanced book .Factual & well researched. Not only should this book be in all schools it should also be sent out to each and every MP ,including Key & Finlayson ,who should be forced to bear accountability for the sad truth of their actions.
    NZ citizens need to wake up as we are all being fleeced by our own government as are already well geared for a “part Maori” apartheid nation.Its already happened in many areas of “dressed up” separatist governance in education, health care & justice ! The tribal “part Maori elite” are a big con for all NZ’ers including their own people who they are also shafting.The essence of the Treaty was “We are all now one people” [“He iwi tahi tatou”] , but that central message has being destroyed by radicals.

  3. that hurts my heart… because my tupuna signed that in trust that the crown government will know the boundaries of such a beautiful culture we didnt want to live the same as them we had our own ways of living and it was simple and beautiful we had all we needed not all we wanted wanting is different. we are good people the treaty is their for one reason for equality.,
    Ko kiekie te Maunga the mountain is one tree hill that i am affiliated with
    ko waitemata te moana Waitemata is our sea
    Tamaki te awa
    Ngatiwhatua te iwi

    ko Renee ahau. where is your Maunga? I greet you.

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