8 thoughts on “Corinthians 37:11-12”

  1. Is that Bible reference correct? Corinthians does not have 37 chapters and is it 1 or 2 Corinthians?

    BTW I did not watch the video clip, being lumbered with dial-up it takes too long, so I am curious to know what that “killer” atheism destroying question was.

  2. This is funny because atheists think this is funny!
    Atheists actually think thats how Christians think.
    What Irony awaits when he finds himself standing before God and realises what he called ‘science’ was in fact blind superstition!
    Satan Laughing… spreads his wings.

  3. It isn’t a stab at Christian belief, it’s a stab at the Creationist sub-religion (sect maybe , don’t know enough about it) of Christianity which has a word for word interpretation of the bible that in our era is absurd and quite hypocritical considering that all of them use the science and maybe even work in the field of the science they don’t believe in. I have been born in a Christian family and went to church twice a week as a child and spoke to some priests on various themes including science. Christianity is not anti-science at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending religion, I’m an atheist now, I just don’t like misinformation.

  4. It’s a stab at Christian belief? Atheist are so deluded they never see the truth In front of their face. the only things atheist believe are a bunch of lies from the father of lies. Satan has no problem fooling an atheist since an atheist wants to be god or try’s to be like God they make it very easy for satan to come in and confuse there already weak mind. Satans been using that same trick on humans since the beginning of time when he first used it on Eve. Funny how atheist can’t even see basic mind games from the enemy. That proves that an atheist logic is just what God says it is. Nothing but foolishness.

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