Would be Terrorists Escape Justice. Far Leftist Racist Radicals and Environmental Extremists.

I see that would-be Terrorist Tame Iti and his Merry Band of Racist Thugs and Green Psychopaths have got away with conspiracy to commit murder!
They are not going to face Re-trial on the Hung jury verdict.
We are told that it is not because the prosecution does not have a sound case, but because they don’t think the cost is ‘value for money’!
They say a Retrial also could have ended in another hung jury… to that I say So what!
These Dangerous Arsesholes have got away with planning to kill White people, and training to Kidnap MPs, and other acts of terrorism!
Seeing violent criminals face Justice is one of the few legitimate duties of government.
They have failed us!
I have no doubt had their Neo Nazism been for White Supremacy (rather than Brown) and targeted Maori New Zealanders and Maori MPs that they would have been convicted of more serious charges and face heavy sentences.
(Apparanty the maximum sentence for the charges that have been dropped was 5 years. I ask why these scum were not facing more serious charges than ‘Belonging to a criminal organisation?)
If the State let go White neo-Nazis the public outcry of corruption would be deafening!
So why no outcry when the shoe is on the other foot?

New Zealanders have been robbed of Justice!
A Conviction would have identified the Perverse Nature of Indigenous Rights, The viciousness of The Maori separatists, and the Warped mentality of the Radical Socialist Greens.
With no conviction these dangerous scum can continue to play their favorite parts… as victims of Greedy Whites.
This case was one of the most important trials in Decades yet has ended as a Fiasco!
Its a Flock up of Monumental proportions!
Parliament Flocked up the legislation.
The Police Flocked up their collection of evidence, and failed to charge these criminals with conspiracy to commit murder, and Kidnapping, etc.
The Jury Flocked up their verdict.
And Now the Prosecution has Flocked up by quitting!
Its Travesty upon Travesty!
They couldn’t even get a conviction on a bunch of bumbling deranged Communist Morons they caught Red handed planning terrorism.
They cannot be re-tried on this charge, yet I ask this question… Do the Police have evidence enough to lay different charges against them?
Tim Wikiriwhi.

Note: It is more accurate to classify the Radical Separatists and Green Extremists as Far right Fascists, though they like to consider themselves to be Far Left Communists.

Dont you know this is the Land of Confusion?!!!

‘Urewera Four’ will not be re-tried

No retrial of Urewera Four

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  2. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/kahu/terror-raids-rangi-kemara-screaming-into-the-void/HM2R6QX2O2VOGJ3TBCRCGE7RCU/

    ” Police picked up conversations which talked of getting guns, modifying guns, using guns. There was talk of bombs being used and people being killed.

    But Iti’s protests have always been dramatic, with artistic flair or some tikanga point lost on non-Maori.”

    There was talk of violence – although he says the police put the “worst possible spin on it” – but that’s all it was.

    “There was a lot of talk. The ones who don’t talk – they’re the ones you’ve got to watch.

    “It was venting and getting all that heinous shit out. There’s nowhere else to vent it. And that’s what I felt about the rama – it was a good place to vent.”

    The firearms weren’t an unusual part of life in Te Urewera, he says.

    It used to be normal everywhere – he recalls shooting rabbits with a .22 rifle as a child,


    The drills were “not as dramatic” as described to court, or shown in video but it was an important part of the rama.

    “There was a military style module. The discipline they installed in us as trainees was the same as the discipline instilled as privates in the army.”

    Kemara bought ammunition and weapons, with police casting him in the role of armourer for the training camps. He calls it a “fantasy” and the way police use certain terms when targeting criminal gangs.

    “They use the same rhetoric to criminalise what they were observing, to put the worst possible interpretation on their observations.”

    Prosecution documents describe those taking part as “activists” – the repeated attachment to “Maori sovereignty activist” and “peace activist” suggests a negative attitude to those campaigning for social change.

    But Dame Whina Cooper of the famous 1975 hikoi w


    Groups of armed “activists” running around in the bush carrying out military manoeuvres shocked New Zealand, no matter what criticisms might be had of media coverage.

    In the end, there were no charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act.

    The law itself was criticised as unworkable although has not since been changed.

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