Sticking it to the Man! Planting Liberty.

Smugglers. Vasily Hudiakov.

Just flouted the Easter Trading Laws. Went down to Oderings Plant nurseries and bought up large on trees for our yard. Its a worthy cause, and perfect time to plant.
So get out there and support your local Civil disobedient Free-Marketeers!
To the Revolution!

Department of Labour reminds retailers of Easter Trading law
In the run-up to Easter the Department of Labour is advising retailers to ensure they are familiar with the law that restricts shops from trading on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

That law – the Shop Trading Hours Act Repeal Act 1990 – specifies three-and-a-half days each year on which most New Zealand retailers must close – Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and until 1pm on Anzac Day.

The Department’s Deputy Secretary Craig Armitage says: “The Act sets out exemptions from shop trading restrictions for a limited number of retailers. All others must close on the restricted days. The Department encourages retailers to contact it prior to Easter if they are uncertain whether they are able to open on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.”

The Act allows certain types of shops to remain open on restricted days. These are shops whose main purpose is to provide essential supplies in quantities which people in the area or travelling through may need, shops providing food ready to eat, souvenir and duty free shops, pharmacies, and shops in premises where there are bona fide shows or exhibitions.

Shops in locations covered by area exemptions issued by the former Shop Trading Hours Commission, under the previous law, may also trade on restricted days. The Department of Labour cannot make or change area exemptions or redefine the boundaries of these areas – there are no provisions to do that under the shop trading legislation.

If a business does not clearly fit into one of the exempted categories, it is an offence to open and trade during any time the law restricts trading. The owner or occupier of the shop may be prosecuted and fined up to $1000.”

5 thoughts on “Sticking it to the Man! Planting Liberty.”

  1. Christ is risen and that calls for cracking open a cold one.

    Sounds like Christo-Fascism to me.

    Today is not a good day to buy beer.

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