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  1. Could they not be known Planets that are far away from the Sun yet ‘look’ close to it simply because of the angle from which they are seen… or merely spherical rocks that are very close to the probe ?

    There is too much UFO bullshit on the net, to be able to take this seriously… from the small amount of ‘evidence’ provided. ie it could be fabricated… and we don’t have any reason to treat this stuff as credible.
    Personally I do think The earth is the only Planet with life on it. It certainly is the only planet *Known to have life* and thus I will remain skeptical untill better evidence is provided. I also know the modern alien/ UFO craze is a by-product of the religion of Evolution…. ie the fabricated myths and imagination born from the idea that life spontaneously generated and evolved here on earth, and so following this chain of reasoning life is also assumed to have spontaneously generated and evolved on other ‘Earths’. And because we ‘Earthlings’ today *have technology*… this morphs into the fantasy that Aliens have Tek too!
    All this ‘Rationale’ stems from the Materialist denial that God especially made the Earth… and the atheist belief that the Earth is merely an accident… and not even a rare one at that.

    This is my position on this.
    I am hereby demonstrating that my own theism is not founded upon a gullible acceptance of myths in a mind given to believe wild fantasies.
    Hume in his Dialogues on Natural religion correctly summarized the true position of the Theist as firstly being the position of a philosophical skeptic whom requires convincing reasons to accept the theistic position… which includes the acceptance of divine revelation. I have never personally met another philosopher who truly understands this was the ultimate truth Hume was trying to portray in his dialogues. It is very radical (Yet clearly stated) Im not sure why its not commonly understood, probably because its not a conclusion most skeptics *want* to understand. Most refuse to see this is why he gave Cleanthes the victory…(Most near to the truth)
    Today scepticism (like Free thinking) is supposed to be the preserve of atheism and considered beyond the mentality that harbours Bible believing theism.
    Yet The Greatest Sceptic of them all took great pains to refute this false atheist assumption.
    Thus there is no contradiction in calling myself both a sceptic, and a Bible believer!

    Belief in little Green men also exposes the truth that the delusions of Materialism and the theory of evolution… lead on to further weird delusions and fantasies…. Think Star trek!
    Its so ridiculous its Laughable!
    Tim Wikiriwhi.

  2. There is too much UFO bullshit on the net, to be able to take this seriously… from the small amount of ‘evidence’ provided. ie it could be fabricated… and we don’t have any reason to treat this stuff as credible.

    Correct. NASA says

    What you’re seeing is the difference between “beacon mode” (near real-time, heavily compressed, binned [I believe 512 x 512 or smaller]) images and normal playback telemetry images (2048 x 2048 native mode, less heavily but still lossily compressed).

    But it’s a gem of a conspiracy theory, don’t you think?

  3. It is a good example of the necessity to build your house upon the rock, and to wield “the shield of faith” So that when the storms come up we are not washed away… or as St Paul says
    ” That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;” (Eph4vs14)

  4. Personally I do think The earth is the only Planet with life on it.

    Personally, I think the earth is NOT the only planet with life on it. (But I don’t think this for any of the bad reasons you canvas and dismiss.)

    Tim, the remainder of your comment is very, very interesting. So you’re a Bible-believing sceptic? Well, I’m a Christian agnostic! Hume, of course, was the greatest philosopher who ever lived. He took reason to the outer limits. (And left her there to see if she could find her way back home by herself.)

    he gave Cleanthes the victory…(Most near to the truth)

    Can you copy and paste the passage? Please do.

  5. What I am saying Richard is that Bible believing faith is *not* that abandonment of reason… not superstition… but a valid rational position for a thinking/ questioning person to maintain.
    Humes dialogues concerning Natural Religion are well worth reading. They are short and very well written.


    Here is the ‘Fanale’ from the link below:
    …[227]… “To be a philosophical Sceptic is, in a man of letters, the first and most essential step towards being a sound, believing Christian; a proposition which I would willingly recommend to the attention of Pamphilus: and I hope Cleanthes will forgive me for interposing so far in the education and instruction of his pupil. ”

    “Cleanthes and Philo pursued not this conversation much further: and as nothing ever made greater impression on me, than all the reasonings of that day, so I confess, that, upon a serious review of the whole, I cannot but think, that Philo’s principles are more probable than Demea’s; but that those of Cleanthes approach still nearer to the truth.”
    David Hume.

  6. Reading the Wikipedia article on Humes Dialouges It is interesting that in the section on ‘Characters’ we see the point I make about how many ‘skeptics’ don’t like how Hume finnises his Dialouge.
    Here we see the Wikipedia authors unwillingness to accept the conclusion as being Hume’s personal verdict, but chooses to down play it as merely ‘a character trait of ‘misplaced loyalty’ or prejudice.
    I remember that in other places I have read Naysayers argue that was not ‘really’ Humes personal view but that he finished off his dialogue like that to ‘Save’ himself from an oppressive church state… yet that too in my veiw is a weak ‘excuse’. The Ending was a perfect conclusion to the whole argument. (Because I agree with it!:-) )
    And Wikipedia down plays the Character of Cleanthes too by failing to point out that He was not merely a “experimental theist”—”an exponent of orthodox empiricism”… but a True Theist rather than a Deist, and argued for Divine Revelation, and established traditions… which of course does fit under the title of Experimental ‘Theist’ if you use the term correctly and not as a synonym for ‘Deism’.

  7. It is also my view that Hume was also correctly skeptical about pure Skepticism!… which leaves a person lost in indecision and agnosticism.
    Hume Doubted reality… until he went and had a Beer at the Pub.
    This is why I believe Hume ultimately threw his ‘Faith’ in with theism… perhaps with reluctance… yet Knew he could not exist ‘in eternal Limbo’.

    Another Parallel to this is Mr A Flew… in that after a lifetime of arguing against belief… ended up confessing belief was the better position.

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