I’m Painfully too Sexy for My Shirt.

I recently got a 12 mth Rego sticker for my bike. It cost me $530.00. (@$%%^! #%^&&^%$!)
I dont ride it everyday.
This bike is my Prozac. A Drug free release from the wallow of Bullshit that is my life,…Its liberating and a thrill, yet of course ‘The Man/ The Machine/ Mammon’ rapes my pocket for the privilege.
Because I only ride it once a month, that means 530/12= $44.00 per ride…just for registration! before fuel!!! and the biggest component of that goes to ACC.
That is a ^&*&^^%R$ Rip off!
ACC Sux Dogs Balls!
@#$%^&^&&* Rapist Socilaist State!

Viktor Safonkin

My 2010 Triumph Bonneville America.

5 thoughts on “I’m Painfully too Sexy for My Shirt.”

  1. Don’t renew the registration, it is only a $200 fine and so long as you don’t park it in a public street, where parking wardens will catch you, your chances of being caught are very low.

  2. I cant argue with that Mark. It takes ballz to peacefully disobey oppressive Laws like this, yet because I dont want any hassles with the Filth when Im ridin… I pay.
    I salute those whom have more backbone than I. Im not the greatest rider in the world thus I would not try and escape a pursuing Nazi. I think it is better to pay, than to have a strategy that endangers others via reckless behaviour. I suppose you could just pull over and take the hit. They would probably pink sticker you . I am still on the side of Reform and am keen to participate in activism for that end.

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