Schappelle Corby: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

The Only danger 4kg of Weed poses is if you compressed it into a Bowling ball and dropped it on your toe!
The War on Drugs is equivelent to the Witch Craze.
Tourists ought to Boycott Indonesia until they Reform their Barbaric Laws.

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5 Responses to Schappelle Corby: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

  1. Brian Smaller says:

    Indonesia’s laws may be barbaric, but they are their laws. Don’t like it? Go on holiday somewhere more tolerant when you ahve 4kg of dope in your bag.

  2. Tim says:

    Oh so your sense of Charity and moral outrage stops at Human conventions such as borders does it Brian. What a good little minion you are! She has not even had a fair trial! There are plenty of grounds to believe she is innocent! And you cannot avoid the War on Drugs even by staying home, such is the vile bigotry and persecution of this Leviathan. The hipocrasy of those westerners whom Bag the Muslims for their Sharia Law yet run their own form of it in their own countries! I dust my sandals off at the gates of your cities!

  3. Paolo ti segnalo che nei commenti dell'altro post è stato anche linkato (da enza) il video della puntata integrale del tg sul sito del canale televisivo, all'interno del quale è presente la scena in questione.

  4. … "Either you will defeat it, or it will defeat you."I wish those in government had this same understanding about Islam.Keep telling it like it is my friend. God bless your effort.

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