Government Crackdown on Alcohol Kills.

Here is another doozie for all you Controlfreaks out there who think Heavy measures ought to be taken to curb Alcohol consumption in NZ.

Read this NZ hearld article… ‘NZ rugby tourist’s fatal Bali cocktail’

Note in particular that… Michael Denton, 29, died after consuming a drink believed to contain a distilled local alcohol called arak, which in 2009 killed dozens of people, including four foreigners.


A month after Michael Denton died, a warning appeared on the Foreign Ministry’s safe-travel website warning that arak was often mixed with fruit juice. It said anyone trying it should ensure it came in a sealed bottle from a commercial distillery.

Authorities in Indonesia have blamed rogue producers in small factories that have started after crackdowns on alcohol imports.
There you have it. All prohibition achieves is that it exposes innocent people to Dangerous products.
Tim Wikiriwhi.
For more on this subject See my Blog post : Prohibition is a Bad trip.

Prohibition is a Bad trip!

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