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Salt is a four-letter word

[WARNING: This blog post contains lots of very strong language and is practically guaranteed to give offence to weak-minded prudes. Please proceed at your own risk.] The use–mention distinction is a foundational concept of (Western analytic) philosophy. To fail to … Continue reading

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Should Christians kill all the homosexuals?

I chose the title of this post carefully in order to comply with Betteridge’s law of headlines. Should Christians kill all the homosexuals? (Let’s be clear. The answer is NO.) Not even Pastor Logan Robertson thinks that Christians should kill … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Dispensational Truth…Exposing the Frauds of Orthodoxy one Fallacy at a time… Part 1. Christ’s Gospel.

Dear Readers, I intend to expound the Dispensational doctrines of the scriptures in a piecemeal fashion, having been labelled ‘a heretic’ for some of my Blog posts on this subject. I can sympathise with such sentiments because Dispensationalism is *not* … Continue reading

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Spread a little hate worldwide

I found reading this incredibly sad. Fred Phelps, Founder of the ‘God Hates Fags’ Westboro Baptist Church, is on the ‘Edge of Death’ You know Fred Phelps. You loathe Fred Phelps. You despise everything he stands for, like his family … Continue reading

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Ayn Rand collected Social Security

Ayn Rand collected Social Security. It’s not just a low blow. It’s lower than that. It’s a Facebook group. Many students of Objectivism are troubled by a certain kind of moral dilemma confronting them in today’s society. We are frequently … Continue reading

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