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Mandatory Suicide

Military suicides outnumber combat deaths – economy and leadership to blame

By ROBERT LAURIE – There’s a good chance that this is the most depressing statistic you’ll see all year.

According to a new Army report, as of November, 303 active-duty, Reserve and National Guard soldiers had committed suicide in 2012.  During the same period, 212 men and women in uniform were lost due to combat fatalities in Afghanistan.

It’s depressing, and disgusting.

Our military has sacrificed precious blood and treasure in Afghanistan for an ill-defined, and as such probably unwinnable, war.  They’ve been given an arbitrary withdrawal date which has nothing to do with the accomplishment of any military goal and everything to do with politics.  While they wait to leave, they’re still forced to fight, but their Commander in Chief has offered them little in the way of an objective.

When they finally do earn a ticket home, they return to a broken, barely functional, America.  The economy is in the dumper, jobs are nigh-on impossible to come by, and – as a result of their low pay – former soldiers find themselves in an extraordinarily difficult financial position. All too often, this is leading to depression, substance abuse, and suicide.

Given the lack of leadership, coupled with the reality of the U.S. fiscal situation, are we really supposed to be surprised about the ugly numbers?

The President, the government, and every American citizen should be ashamed that we’re doing so little to support the men and women who protect our nation. This is the darkest scandal of the Obama administration.

This next song is dedicated to all our friends who made it back alive from the Persian Gulf …

A High Calling.

Christian Libertarianism to aspire to.
Easier said than done.
Take heed ye Islamophobes, Homophobes, Ye Pharisaic Legalists.

Now I am not a Righteous Man, I am full of Human imperfection and only function as a Christian trusting in God’s grace.
This understanding humbles me and makes me more Libertarian… less legalistic and judgmental of the sins of others… and more acutely aware of how vile the bigoted and persecuting spirit of Religious self righteousness and hypocrisy is.

A Few Years back… in the height of the Wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan, A Zealous and otherwise Godly Christian brother ask me if I would come with him Downtown to confront the Muslims.
I could tell that his motivation was warlike… His intension was not to demonstrate Christian Grace.
I said to him that I would go with him if he could honestly say he would be acting out of Love for the Muslims, and not hate… That he desired their Salvation.
This stopped him in his tracks.
We did not go.

So many ‘Christian soldiers’ forget this most fundamental aspect of Christian action.
Some times I forget it too and need reminding.
Being kind to the Lost and Sinful is not the equivalent of condoning Evil.
It is to put Christian ideals into practice.
Christianity moves the world via Love, not Hate.
Through Humility, not Self righteousness.

Yes we must earnestly contend for the faith, yet if your actions are motivated by such festering and malignant desires as Hate, Hypocrisy, and Bigotry… you are not being a Christian at all… but the worst kind of Pharisee.

Christianity is Love in action…an appeal to reason and humanity.
It seeks to save those in distress.
It’s methods are not violence or oppression.
Indeed the true Christian will risk their own lives and stand between those whom seek to impose themselves and their victems.

True Christianity is Lighthouse in a stormy sea, not a Prison for the wicked.
It is a beacon for the lost and distressed.
A House built upon the Rock whose foundation is sure.
We have Good News!
True Christianity seeks to increase via voluntary subscription.
If you preach a gospel of Hatred and persecution, the only people you will attract into your fellowship are hateful people!
You will lead no one out from the Kingdom of darkness into the light.
Christianity is about a rebirth… a new and better way, not about feeding the worst of human prejudices and phobias.

When St Paul was confronted and saved by Christ on the Damascus road that was the end of his Pharisaic Legalism
That was the end of his spirit of Self Righteousness and Persecution.
Never again did he seek ‘Letters from the authorities’ to cast those of contrary beliefs in Jail.
Never again did he seek to stone to death sinners, unbelievers, or heretics.
He was forever changed by Gods Love, mercy, and grace towards him.
And that is what motivated all his future ministry unto death.

St Paul is our Apostle and example.
Let us follow him, as he followed Christ ie the Christ he met on the road to Damascus.

“This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.
Howbeit for this cause I obtained mercy, that in me first Jesus Christ might shew forth all longsuffering, for a pattern to them which should hereafter believe on him to life everlasting.”
(St Paul 1Tim1vs15,16)

Amputee gets Home D

(Leaves leg with ankle bracelet at home when he wants to go out.)

Medicinal marijuana proponent caught in sting

A prominent proponent of medicinal marijuana has been sentenced to 12 months’ home detention after being caught in an undercover police sting.

William Duffield McKee, 58, of Levin, was found guilty at a jury trial of four charges of selling cannabis and one of cultivation, and was today sentenced in the Palmerston North District Court.

McKee hosted the GreenCross website, which promoted the use of cannabis to prevent medical ailments.

He was targeted in Operation Relief between February 2010 and May last year – four times selling small amounts of cannabis and related material to an undercover police officer.

When police searched his house on July 8 last year they found 66 cannabis plants in various stages of growth.

Judge Barbara Morris today gave McKee credit for saying he would no longer push for political change about medicinal cannabis by selling the drug.

“You now accept that the change you seek must be done within the law and by way of submission,” she told him.

“You were not driven by commercial gain and to create a luxurious lifestyle.”

McKee’s right leg was amputated five years after he was the victim of a hit and run shortly before his 21st birthday.

A number of supporters watched from the court’s public gallery, and many held placards and handed out pamphlets outside the court.

Operation Relief?! (I thought I had a sick sense of humour, but I can’t top that!)

The “The War on Drugs™ is a war on the medically sick, waged by the morally sick. It must end.

Charity Never Faileth! An appeal to Christian Action, and Libertarian Altruistic Heroism.

Little Madison is battling for her life.
Her Mummy needs finacial help to get her the opperation she needs to survive!
They are a long way away from the $200 000 that they are hoping to raise.
Please do what you can to help them.

3 year old Maddie in Starship hospital.

Visit the website … Here:

Make a payment… $200.00, $300.00, $500.00 +
Can you ignore this?

You say you need a new Smart phone?, to upgrade your laptop?
Do you really think thats more important than helping this little darling?
Its time for some altruist self sacrifice!
Do it!
Do what you would hope and pray that others might do for your child if you found yourself in their shoes!
Care enough to make a personal sacrifice.

Be a Guardain Angel for this Family!
Come on Christian Brothers and Sisters!
We are the Body of Christ!
God’s Hands and feet.
He works through our love of humanity and faithfulness.
Show the World the love of Christ.

Rise up ye Libertarians!
You say Socialism is evil because it uses coersion.
You say that you dont need to be forced to do what is right.
Now is the time to prove it!
Let’s help get this little girl the medical care she needs!

Reward! $100 000.00 for the capture of Scum who Shot Malala Yousafzai

A Reward of 100 thousand dollars is being Offered for the capture of the Taliban scum whom treid to murder this little girl.
Read more Here:

Pakistan has observed a National Day of Prayer for her Recovery.
I too pray for Her Recovery, for the safety of her Family, and that this event stimulates a mighty storm against the Taliban and Extremism. That Religious Liberty and Tollerance wins the day.

“If I don’t speak, who will?” Malala Yousafzai, 14

Humbling courage of teenage girl who took on the Taliban: The inspirational story of 14-year-old who has shown breathtaking defiance in the face of deathMalala Yousafzai, 14, publicly condemned the Taliban’s brutal atrocities and campaigned like mad for girls’ education
She is now fighting for her life after being shot in the neck and head at close range
The Tehreek-iTaliban Pakistan (TTP) accepted responsibility and promised that if Malala survives their bullets, they will target her again
Read story Here:

Picture from Daily Mail…

One of the most sickening spectacles in recent years has been the growing Islam-a-phobia amongst so called Libertarian thinkers.
The terrorists have won when they have succeeded in infecting the world with the notion that either the west must outlaw and annihilate the Islamic world, or be consumed by it… they have succeeded in generating ‘intolerance’ and Jihad’… on both sides.
“Death to Islam!”… the Objectivists chant.

“Where are all the Moderates protesting against extremism?…” the Islamiphobes cry.
“There is no such thing as a Moderate Muslim!” They exclaim.

I have been appalled by such Mob phobia… How is it that even the most intelligent and enlightened people are so easily manipulated into a bigotry and hatred?
Don’t they understand what terrorism is?… How it operates… why there are so few voices of protest against Extremism?

This is rich indeed coming from ‘Armchair’ revolutionaries and Intellectuals sitting Cozily by their fires… Meanwhile … thousands of miles away… in Taliban country… a little 14 year old Muslim girl teaches these fear ridden Master minds the price of standing up for Liberty beyond the frontiers of their living rooms!
Yes Little Malala Yousafzai and her brave family show the world what it takes to stand up in resistance to this insidious Evil… religious extremism… religious intolerance… Religious tyranny… under such circumstances… It takes an absolute commitment to truth and justice… to the degree that it is more precious than life itself!
It takes a religious Faith that to do what is right is more important than life itself… and that though there are many Muslims whom know that The Taliban and the extremists are evil, and would rejoice the day they are swallowed up by the Earth… They have been terrified into silence… and only a handful dare step forward under Terror.
What say ye Islamiphobes to this?
Can you honestly tell me you would be as brave as this little girl and her Kin?

Taliban Terrorist Scum! Satanic. Tyranical over their own people, Intollerant, Savage, Brutal, Murdeous, Self Righteous, Killers of Children.
How can the pretend to be the servants of God?
I despise them, yet am not so foolish as to believe they ar representive of all Muslims!
Such a conclusion is a terrorist induced Phobia.

Malala and her family have done the whole world a great service!
They have proven that not all Muslims are Fanatics… not all terrorists.
Their bravery gives the world hope that Freedom and justice can indeed prevail in a world in which Islam is the chosen faith of a large percentage of the population.
In respect to speaking out against tyranny…they possess Christ like character, and I pray The Good Lord watches over them and has mercy upon their souls…!
I pray their sacrifice is the catalyst for a major reaction against the Extremists.
I pray all moderate/ peaceful and tolerant Muslims are pricked in their hearts for their scilence… that they become outraged!
If there ever was an appropriate time for outrage, the shooting of this little hero is it!
May the moderates be emboldened by this shinning example of courage and virtue displayed by a little Muslim girl and her family.
Of course the purpose of shooting this Angel of justice was to further terrify the population into remaining silent.
Will Terror continue to prevail over Moral courage?
Tim Wikiriwhi. Christian Libertarian.

Important note: It is a most difficult task to convey what I am attempting to achieve with posts like this. Some people will think I am trying to stifle just criticism… eg The Objectivist Lindsay Perigo is quite right to be outraged against the intolerance of those Muslims whom riot and murder, and commit terrorism because they are incensed about cartoons, or Movies which they believe are disrespectful of Islam.
Some people will think I must have rocks in my head! Surely Tim must be blind to the Threat of Sharia Law… as absolutely incompatible with religious liberty and a free society.
In spite of my argument above… where is the voice of protest from Muslims living in western nations against religious extremism?
My point is that while I agree that these serious problems need to be expressed, that Libertarians must take extreme care not to assume that these Evils are shared by all Muslims, that these evils define Islam, or that they prove Islam is absolutely incompatible with a free society.
To believe this is a massive fail.
It is the lazy mans view.
It is definitively collectivist thinking.
It is an un libertarian excuse to perpetrate bigotry and hate.
It is to sell the world out to Jihad… that no grounds for peaceful coexistence can be found between East and West.
It is to ignore the bravery of such people as Malala and her family
It is to pretend all Muslims support the Talebans and Al Qaeda’s quest to Install tyrannical Islamic theocracies throughout the globe.
I will be writing more on this subject yet for now I will say my chief accusation against the Islamaphobes is that they don’t balance their writing as I attempt to do… ie I attempt to differentiate the good side from the Bad side… and throw support in for the Good and condemn the bad. eg when I am attacking Waitangi apartheid I take care to distinguish the Hateful Racist radicals from the rest of Maoridom whom are as much a victim of the racism as Non-Maori. And i attempt to make it clear that I am not Anti-Maori culture and that in Freedom Maori may embrace their culture as much as they desire… it simply will not be imposed upon others via oppressive laws…. and this is the same message which must be used in educating Muslims into the benefits of a free society. And it is this part of the message with is conspicuously absent from the rantings of the Islamiphobes. It is missing because they dont wish to admit they are extreme in their phobia.
They Rellish the opportunity to vent their Hatred. It may be enjoyable for them yet they fail Libertarianism because of this and do the cause of Liberty and justice a disservice.
I am a Christian. A Christian ought not Hate Islamic people but love them!
Christians ought not be an enemy of Islamic people… but an enemy of tyranny.
The Islamic people need the gospel, and we cannot expect to convert them if we ourselves meter out evil for evil… and act out of hate.
Peace, Liberty, and equality, are the best conditions for propigating the Gospel and showing the Lost the christian message… by compassionate example.

Eternal Vigilance… In Da House.

Communion. Christian Libertarians / Eternal Vigilance bloggers Reed, Richard, and Twikiriwhi. Liberty Conference. Crowne Hotel. Auckland. 6-10-12.

It was great to meet you Reed, and to catch up again with you Richard.
HAHAHA! Check out our Halo’s!
“…And there appeared on their heads Cloven tounges… as of Fire…”
(Acts2vs3) 🙂

White Rose. Hans and Sophie Scholl – The Final Days: True Story of Anti-Nazi Activist

In the history of courageous activism against Tyranny and Evil, the story of the White Rose Resistance to Nazism is truly Awesome!
Brave Young Souls whom were Murdered by The Nazi state for their Defiance of Hitler’s Infernal Rule.

For an excellent Personal account of the Lives of Hans and Sophie Scholl, and their Enlightened and Freedom loving Parents… Read Anton Gill’s account Here:

The following are Excerpts From Wikipedia…

Origin:…In 1941 Hans Scholl read a copy of a sermon by an outspoken critic of the Nazi regime, Bishop August von Galen, decrying the euthanasia policies (extended that same year to the concentration camps)[2] which the Nazis maintained would protect the German gene pool.[3] Horrified by the Nazi policies, Sophie obtained permission to reprint the sermon and distribute it at the University of Munich as the group’s first leaflet prior to their formal organization…

Hans and Sophie Scholl.

“ Isn’t it true that every honest German is ashamed of his government these days? Who among us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that will befall us and our children when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes—crimes that infinitely outdistance every human measure—reach the light of day? ”
— From the first leaflet of the White Rose

“ Since the conquest of Poland three hundred thousand Jews have been murdered in this country in the most bestial way … The German people slumber on in their dull, stupid sleep and encourage these fascist criminals … Each man wants to be exonerated of a guilt of this kind, each one continues on his way with the most placid, the calmest conscience. But he cannot be exonerated; he is guilty, guilty, guilty! ”
— From the second leaflet of the White Rose

On 18 February 1943, coincidentally the same day that Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels called on the German people to embrace total war in his Sportpalast speech, the Scholls brought a suitcase full of leaflets to the university. They hurriedly dropped stacks of copies in the empty corridors for students to find when they flooded out of lecture rooms. Leaving before the class break, the Scholls noticed that some copies remained in the suitcase and decided it would be a pity not to distribute them. They returned to the atrium and climbed the staircase to the top floor, and Sophie flung the last remaining leaflets into the air. This spontaneous action was observed by the custodian Jakob Schmid. The police were called and Hans and Sophie Scholl were taken into Gestapo custody. Sophie and Hans were interrogated by Gestapo interrogator Robert Mohr, who initially thought Sophie was innocent. However, after Hans confessed, Sophie assumed full responsibility in an attempt to protect other members of the White Rose. Despite this, the other active members were soon arrested, and the group and everyone associated with them were brought in for interrogation.

The Scholls and Probst were the first to stand trial before the Volksgerichtshof—the People’s Court that tried political offenses against the Nazi German state—on 22 February 1943. They were found guilty of treason and Roland Freisler, head judge of the court, sentenced them to death. The three were executed the same day by guillotine at Stadelheim Prison. All three were noted for the courage with which they faced their deaths, particularly Sophie, who remained firm despite intense interrogation (however, reports that she arrived at the trial with a broken leg from torture are false). She said to Freisler during the trial, “You know as well as we do that the war is lost. Why are you so cowardly that you won’t admit it?”

When Hans was executed, he said “Let freedom live” as the blade fell.