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The Philosopher

Do you feel what I feel, see what I see, hear what I hear? There is a line you must draw between your dream world and reality Do you live my life or share the breath I breathe? Lies feed … Continue reading

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The End?

Ok Atheists. Lets say the Mayans are right, and a giant Comet is about to slam into the Earth. Your Richard Branson, and have your own private spaceship. May I ask what is your rationale? Where do you intend going? … Continue reading

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Death metal: now 50% more stiff!

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Suicide Machine

Controlling their lives Deciding when and how they will die A victim of someone else’s choice The ones who suffer have no voice Manipulating destiny When it comes to living, no one seems to care But when it comes to … Continue reading

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More Orr

In my post on Monday last week I featured Mark Hubbard’s letter to the editor of The Press re Ken Orr of Right to Life re voluntary euthanasia. This was Ken Orr’s reply. In reply to Mark Hubbard, we don’t … Continue reading

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Pull the Plug

This letter to the editor was spotted recently in the Press. Ken Orr’s argument against euthanasia is that ‘‘the state is to provide legal protection for the right to life of every member of the community . . . and … Continue reading

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Without Judgement

Guilty until proven innocent We condemn your soul and fate Never mind the possibilities Too busy for logic or to calculate Take part in a diminishing breed Where complex turns to simplicity When pain is acknowledged Frivolous calculations will be … Continue reading

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RIP Chuck Schuldiner

Chuck Schuldiner, “the Father of Death Metal”, died 10 years ago today. Never to return, memories will last.

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