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Tribute to Fabrication Engineer, Farmer, and Tauranga Hillbilly… Bruce Christopher Davies. 7/11/66 – 4/3/18

Bruce and Joy at a friends 21st. About 1995 Below is my hastily written goodbye to my long time friend Bruce Christopher Davies, who took his own life 4-3-18. Bruce was a fully fledged Hard-man Engineering Rebel Bogan… He had … Continue reading

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Very Happy 70th to my Old mate Willie!

Still strong! Waikato Draught… still number 1! Cheers!

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I’m Hunter S. Thompson’s Latest Fan. Kingdom of Fear.

Hunter S Thompson. Knowing my tastes and ‘Fringe opinions’, a friend of mine insisted I read a Book by Hunter S. Thompson…. Kingdom of fear. He knew that I would like Him…. and he was Right! It’s an amusing autobiography … Continue reading

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Jesus I was Evil. Darcy Clay. NZ Music Month.

New Zealand’s Darcy Clay (Spoken) I used to do lots of things I used to do things, and I’d say things, and Jesus I was evil Fake things and break things and Jesus I was evil I never shook babies … Continue reading

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Utilitarianism vs Libertarianism. Socialist pragmatism vs Libertarian Idealism

It has been with great sadness that over the past year I have witnessed my fellow Libertarian Blogger Richard Goode change tack and sail off course, and now become an apologyst for Socialist Statism. This has been evidenced by his … Continue reading

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Legalise beer!

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Life before Suffocating Nanny State Bubble wrap.

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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy The maxim is commonly but incorrectly attributed to Benjamin Franklin. It is correctly attributed to new Eternal Vigilance blogger Adam Wilson. Welcome, Adam! 🙂 (Here’s what Franklin … Continue reading

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Cold beer anyone?

Remember when the Roman Catholic church split in half in the 15th century AD. It was over the sale of indulgences, which were bought to minimise the extent of purgatory one would have to suffer. Interesting how history repeats itself. … Continue reading

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CLR Rule #1: Don’t diss other people’s drugs

As regular readers will know, I’m actively involved in the drug law reform (DLR) movement here in New Zealand. In particular, I’m actively involved in the cannabis law reform (CLR) movement. And I regularly see some of my fellow cannabis … Continue reading

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