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Climate change is natural.

Natural or man made? Plant photosynthesis is natural as we know. Humans, livestock and wild animals produce CO2. This is also natural. CO2 is natural, right? Let’s look at birds in nature building nests, this is natural right?? We call … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dawkinance

After doing some calculations, I’ve discovered that Richard Dawkins thinks there is a 14% chance that fairies exist. In conclusion I have two words: Full Retard! Watch this

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Santa, is he real?

What’s wrong with teaching kids about Santa? The message of love, kindness and giving at Christmas time, is Christianity for young kids. So what has Santa got to do with the Christian message? Remember Santa is for kids. When we … Continue reading

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No faith in Mother Earth What does the bible say about climate change? “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than … Continue reading

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Jesus said, Jesus said

Here is an example of ones own conscience being the final authority on matters of faith. Instead you shoud free your mind to enable the spirit to guide you. Allow God to be the final authority.!/WarOnWomenExists/photos/a.263272553797860.1073741828.263257327132716/325583444233437/?type=1&theater Ok so what … Continue reading

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Soulmate Delusion

Soulmates? God gave us free will. We’re free to choose right or wrong. Love is a choice! There is no such thing as divine energy holding two people together, that simply is not love. Love would be meaningless if it … Continue reading

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Could you be a non person?

Abortion is legal becuase a fetus is a non person. Men who use prostitutes are making these women objects, and therefore non persons. You dispose of a relationship because your partner no longer satisfys you, your partner becomes a non person. … Continue reading

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Cold beer anyone?

Remember when the Roman Catholic church split in half in the 15th century AD. It was over the sale of indulgences, which were bought to minimise the extent of purgatory one would have to suffer. Interesting how history repeats itself. … Continue reading

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Let there be light

Notice how God said “let there be light”, he didn’t say “let there be electromagnetic radiation.” In science light is electromagnetic radiation, but what does the bible say about light? Perhaps light(s) represents daytime, brightness, illumination, and exposure to truth. … Continue reading

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