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Saints of the Week (26th April)

GEORGE the TROPHY-BEARER (23rd April, 280-303AD) George/Giwargis of Lydda is without doubt one of the most beloved and venerated of all Christian Saints, almost inexplicably so.  Much of this may come from his career as a soldier, rising through the … Continue reading

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100 years later

Lest we forget.

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New Zealand Tribute to Dr Robert H Schuller. Great Christian Possibility Thinker. 1926-2015.

“Theistic Faith is Optimistic and springs from a Possiblity Thinker, whereas Atheistic doubt is Pessimistic and springs from an Impossiblity thinker”. Robert Schuller Senior. It is with both sadness and pleasant memories, that I and my wife joy say good … Continue reading

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Saints of the Week (19th April)

MARTIN of ROME (13th April, c590-655AD) Before Martin Luther King, before Martin Luther, there was Martin, a Saint no less worthy than his progeny in his labour against the zeitgeist.  As hard as it is to believe nowadays, once upon … Continue reading

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A couple of quick questions for conservative Christians

And they began to accuse him, saying, We found this fellow perverting the nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar, saying that he himself is Christ a King. (KJV) It is both a political right and an epistemic duty … Continue reading

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Morbid dreams of anarchy

A Christian anarchist is … one who turns the other cheek, overturns the tables of the moneychangers, and does not need a cop to tell him how to behave. A Christian anarchist does not depend upon bullets or ballots to … Continue reading

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Christ is Risen from the dead, trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs He has granted Life!

If any man be devout and love God, let him enjoy this fair and radiant triumphal feast.  If any man be a wise servant, let him rejoicing enter into the joy of his Lord. If any have laboured long in … Continue reading

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Saint of the Week (5th April)

Forgive the lateness, I was busy all weekend…   LAZARUS (d.33AD & 63AD) Just the one Saint this week.  The day before Palm Sunday is the Saturday of Lazarus, when Christ raised His friend from the dead.  In doing so, … Continue reading

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Who rolled away the stone?

I missed the deadline for an Easter Sunday blog post, partly because, unlike Jesus, I’m not an early riser, and partly because I got a bit carried away studying scripture. I might have to lay off the Bible study for … Continue reading

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Premature Eastaculation

…do you really think Gregorian calendars have any meaning in this place…?

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