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Tim Wikiriwhi. Hamilton … No to Fluoride!

Dear Mayoral candidate, We are a local group of citizens with an interest in promoting the health benefits of fluoridation. Could you please respond to these two questions: (1) Do you support the resumption of fluoridation in Hamilton’s water supply? … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins Produces Another Theist: Proslogion

Dr. Laura Keynes grew up in Cambridge, arguably the intellectual center of the United Kingdom. She studied at the University College of Oxford on a full-ride scholarship and ended up earning a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Her doctoral thesis was … Continue reading

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Ray Comfort – Evolution Vs. God

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‘Revolution At The Roots’ Making Hamilton’s City Council smaller,better, and more conducive towards Prosperity. Tim Wikiriwhi.

I wrote the following spiel for the last H.C.C Elections. Since then Economic doom and gloom has increased…The City of Detroit has gone belly up in debt. ‘Revolution At The Roots’. Making Hamilton’s City Council, Smaller, Better, and more conducive … Continue reading

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Hamilton City Rates System Review 2011. Where I Stand.

Me @ my Day job Fonterra Terapa. My submission to The Hamilton City Rates system review. September 22, 2011 at 7:34pm On line Submission form – changing Hamilton’s Rating System Thank you for taking the time to make a submission. … Continue reading

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Tool Kicks Arse! The Rock 1000 2013.

>>>>> 2011… Tool Annihilates All.

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I’ve got big balls

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Pointless, incessant barking

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Creationism or evolutionism: the theory of evolution refuted.

Update… Though I cant profess to being a privileged member of any high society of Academia the responses I have received on two Facebook pages which claim to be forums for discussion on the rationality of the Christian faith and … Continue reading

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Tim Wikiriwhi represents Affordable Waikato in the Hamilton City Council Elections. Mayor and West Ward.

Due to gross incompetence our city wallows in high rates and crippling debt. Yet still I believe Hamilton could become New Zealand’s premier city via the rigorous application of the principles endorsed by Nobel Prize winner for economics Milton Friedman. … Continue reading

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