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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

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A call for civil (servant) obedience

People from the Crown Law Office have been reading this blog. Specifically they have been reading State rapes former Barnardos counsellor. It’s not clear whether the Crown Law Office want the blog post taken down or whether they just intend … Continue reading

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Wikiriwhi for Hamilton Mayor.

Tim Wikiriwhi. Waikato Times. How to solve Hamiltons Rates crisis>>>> If only Hamilton had listened to me! Your 38 million dollar mistake >>>>

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Party Rebels over ‘Intrusive’ Census.

Libertarianz Northland coordinator Helen Hughes burning her census 2001. Libertarianz Northland coordinator Helen Hughes. Photo / John Stone A political party is urging people opposed to the “coercive nature” of the Census to take part in mass civil disobedience and … Continue reading

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Effigies of Evil

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Micah Kinard interview

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Susceptible to Retinal Based Reprogrammability

Turn off your television.

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‘Tis not contrary to reason

Elsewhere, my co-blogger Tim is arguing with commenter Terry about Objectivist ethics. The key to their dispute is the following brief remark by commenter Matt (quoting Terry). “It’s not rational to accept a value from another without giving a value … Continue reading

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Jesus Just Left Chicago

Jesus just left Chicago And He’s bound for New Orleans Well now, Jesus just left Chicago And He’s bound for New Orleans Workin’ from one end to the other And all points in between Took a dive through Mississippi Well, … Continue reading

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New Book. Twisting the Treaty.

Six notable authors, have just published a challenging new book about the way the Treaty of Waitangi has been twisted to be greatly in favour of Maori tribes in the last 30 years. These twistings include the rewriting o…f our … Continue reading

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