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The Coming American Civil War.

The Socialist scam is up. America teeters on the edge of the Fiscal cliff… a National Bankruptcy of Mega Proportions, and knowing that their charade could not last forever President Barrack Obama has been preparing for collapse and Chaos. Buying … Continue reading

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On the Origin of Panties

Did you know that all panties are descended from a single common ancestor? Strange but true! However, scientists are at a loss to explain the existence of the first loinwear. Louse-based estimates date the hypothesised primordial undergarment to 105,000 B.C., … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

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Drugs during long term survival situations (Part II: Marijuana & other drugs)

“…I make myself unpopular here. Sorry, I just say what I experienced. Reality is not all clean and good or politically correct. First I have to say we talk about long term survival scenario here. Few days of fearing for … Continue reading

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It’s been six years

It’s been six weeks years since Saddam Hussein was killed by wild boars hanging and the world is still glad to be rid of him.

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Positive proof of global warming

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When the Sun Burns Red

Another song about global warming.

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Burn Baby Burn

A song about global warming.

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The Global Warming Hoax Explained.

Father of Lies… Al Gore..

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Boxing Day

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