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Meme of the Week.

From Capitalisms facebook. Way Too Stary for Atheism! Divine Messengers.

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[The Onion] Victory for Hamas!

Jubilant Palestinians mob Gaza streets Top Hamas officials congratulate their people Palestinians say eight-day fighting humbled Israel With gunshots, sweets and cries of victory, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip poured into the streets to celebrate a ceasefire deal on Wednesday … Continue reading

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When is suppressing speech justified?

The only decent justification for suppression of speech that I can think of is self defense (or similar) e.g. speech that would reveal the location of a protected witness should be suppressed. I guess there is also preventing fraud or … Continue reading

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The Ozzman Cometh!

Black Sabbath add NZ show The Prince of Darkness and his reunited band of metallers will come to New Zealand for one show. Ozzy Osbourne and the original Black Sabbath line up of bassist Geezer Butler and guitarist Tony Iommi … Continue reading

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Incontrovertible pseudo-science

The latest addition to my reading list is The Greatest Show on Earth (2009) by Richard Dawkins. (You can read it here.) In his earlier book, The Ancestor’s Tale (2004), Dawkins traced human ancestry back to the dawn of life. … Continue reading

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Phillip E. Johnson on Darwinism

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Justice must be seen to be done

… it’s corruption that needs to be hidden. I went to Court today to support a friend. He has a long complicated story – today’s proceedings relate to a defamation case he has against the Police and the Ministry of … Continue reading

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Galt’s speech

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A sign of the times

[Reprised from beNZylpiperazine, January 2005.] “Unlocked cars contribute to the growing crime rate!” reads this warning sign by the train station car park. There’s something not quite right about this sign. And it’s not so much what the police say, … Continue reading

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I hate these signs and the thinking behind them. Car theft occurs when you encourage it. Rape occurs when women encourage it. Terrorism occurs when America encourages it.

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