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Kai Mate! Kai Mate! Eat you when Your Dead! The REAL Haka of Te Rauparaha. Copyright Tim Wikiriwhi

Kai Mate! Kai Mate! Translated into English “Eat you when your Dead” “Eat You when your Dead!” (Repeat for 5 minutes) I am Copyrighting this Haka. (to cause a stir… and expose a Political charade) Tim Wikiriwhi. Now this is … Continue reading

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Randiod Zealot Proposes to lead New Moderate Libertarian Party?

Peter Cresswell and Tim Wikiriwhi on the ‘New Freeland Radio Show’ Libertarianz Party ready to embrace new Image: The Libertarianz Party have put out a Press release which proposes the formation of a moderated Libertarian Party under the leadership of … Continue reading

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Salmon Rushdie

Imagine that one night, an alien prankster secretly implants electrodes into the brains of an entire country – let’s say Britain. The next day, everyone in Britain discovers that pictures of salmon suddenly give them jolts of painful psychic distress. … Continue reading

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Dumbfounded Dipshits vote Left/Right.(updated)

“…On reasoning and emotions: Libertarians have the most “masculine” style, liberals the most “feminine.” We used Simon Baron-Cohen’s measures of “empathizing” (on which women tend to score higher) and “systemizing”, which refers to “the drive to analyze the variables in … Continue reading

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God is the Font of Morality. Why Objectivists Hate Ron Paul. (updated)

Some surfers may wonder at the title of this blogpost. Does it reflect malice on the part of the Author? I would say it does! Some malice can be justified, and there are so many reasons to dislike the irrationality … Continue reading

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Can Libertarianz step up?

This by Michael Hooton just appeared on the National Business Review website. A new liberal bloc Next weekend, the Libertarianz will hold their annual conference in Auckland. The party has a record of electoral failure exceeding even where ACT is … Continue reading

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Greens call in the cops over illegal GCSB spying

The Green Party has lodged a complaint with the Police over the Government Communications Security Bureau’s illegal interception of Kim Dotcom’s communications, Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman said today. Well done Green Party and Russel Norman. … one more … Continue reading

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Let’s rage

There really is a roller coaster called Rage. It’s at the Adventure Island amusement park in Southend On Sea in Essex, England. Check it out!

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Muhammad sadik via to me Hellow I am a Murder Agent, am from Kuwait i’ve no other job than to kill to survive… you have been betrayed by some one very very close to you.he payed me to … Continue reading

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Government’s Criminal Surveillance Blunder

The Crimes Act 1961 Section 408 Act to bind the Crown This Act shall bind the Crown. In theory the Crown is subject to the Crimes Act – being a Crown representative acting for the Crown can not excuse anyone … Continue reading

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