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This garbage is not worth replying to

On 11 August 2003, Greg Soar, Coordinator of the GreenCross Medicinal Cannabis Support Group, sent a letter to United Future MP Judy Turner. He cc:ed his letter to United Future MPs Peter Dunne, Paul Adams, Gordon Copeland, Marc Alexander, Bernie … Continue reading

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Vote 2011: The Freedom Lover’s Guide

Liberty Scott has just posted his New Zealand election 2011 electorate voting guide. Ah yes, I’ve done the hard work for you, it has taken hours, but I’ve gone through every electorate candidate list. My test is simple, is there … Continue reading

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The Darkness. Then the Dawn.

Life is tuff. And the response of many to the ongoing battle is ‘Get Hard!’ Now there is a lot of merit to that way of thinking. It is a heroic notion, and much better than wallowing in victimism and … Continue reading

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The kingmaker myth

You might think that the party with the most party votes, keen to form a government, would negotiate with its nearest ideological neighbour, with a view to forming a coalition. It never happens. It’s a myth that MMP produces “kingmakers”. … Continue reading

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Cannibal Corpse devours all

Andrew Hansen created “a lounge music arrangement using the actual words to the Cannibal Corpse song, Rancid Amputation.” He separated the lyrics from the music in order to prove a point, viz., that “the lyrics aren’t the problem, it’s the … Continue reading

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Tool Annihilates All.

Tool Destroyed Pink Floyd to claim Ultimate Victory in the 2011 Rock Wars. They defeated 64 bands.

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A household name

Electorate Candidates for Mana These are the candidates seeking your electorate vote. Candidate Name Party Name FAAFOI, Kris Labour Party GOODE, Richard Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party LOGIE, Jan Green Party PARATA, Hekia National Party WARREN, Michael ACT New Zealand Party … Continue reading

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Pros and cons

As the ALCP’s candidate for the Mana electorate, I was interviewed this morning by Nigel Hopkins (“the Rascal”) on Beach FM. I sang the praises of cannabis, God’s miracle plant. The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party exists to legalise cannabis for … Continue reading

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Drill it, Mine It, Sell it! Vote Wikiriwhi!

How Ironic, The National Party actually had some good policy on their Bill boards! Unfortunately they were lies. This Bill board attack is typical Green modus opperandi. They are a bunch of Leninist Cretans whom practice his vile asertion that … Continue reading

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Why socialism Fails.

I received this by email and thought it was a valuable lesson on Socialism. When the reward is great, the effort to succeed is great, but when government takes all the reward away, no one will try or want to … Continue reading

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