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The Great Waitangi Debate. 2010

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Not only is the Treaty separatist movement deceitful and immoral.. a giant scam, it is also the chief reason Maori have such horrible social statistics because it poisons the soul and teaches them to blame others for their own choices and misery.
Today we have Mongrel Mob Murderers appealing their sentences ‘on the basis that they are Maori’…. this is supposed to define them *as helpless victims of greater injustices*.
And this has become the Official line…. This is what they are teaching your kiddies at school.

What is their solution?
To Teach Boy’s they are ‘Warriors’…. that ‘the system’ is some foreign invaders tyranny…. that life was wonderful here before the white man turned up. etc as if that’s really going to help them in their relationships…. and help them to succeed in society!

It teaches them to deny 1/2 of their owe heritage!…. because they are all part- Pakeha too!

As a Maori among Maori, it has been a lonely, thankless and even dangerous path for me to speak out these truths for the sake of opening the Eyes of the Maori people that they have been deceived by the Racist radicals in their midst who are teaching them to become horrible Racist Haters.
When the truth challenges Political Advantage and calls for an end to the blame game, and for Self-responsibly instead …. it is a remedy that is not received with gratitude.
Maori have identified themselves with the disease… and it frightens them to abandon such a world view…. yet it is my sincere belief that it is the average Maori individual who has the most to gain from ending Waitangi apartheid and establishing racial equality before the Law.
Under Equality Maori can and will prosper and will be free to revel in their own culture… no longer political footballs….. this is my dream.
Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian Independent.

t and j
Tim Wikiriwhi and John Ansell speaking at the Hamilton ‘Treatygate’ meeting in 2013.

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Mt Everest is for Wimps! Lets Conquer Apartheid Government in New Zealand! A strategy.


I have been asked what my opinion is on how we should endeavour to End Treaty separatism, and racist law and government.
What follows are my first thoughts on this matter.
I present them for discussion.
With the Separatists working to expand the separatist electoral system and Seats, and the National and Maori Party working to establish a Racist constitution this issue is reaching Diabolical heights!
This single issue is perhaps the most virulent political evil undermining justice and order in our nation today.
It is serious enough to focus all energy into fighting this single issue.

It will take the greatest Statesmanship to win the battle against this racist tyranny.
Do we possess enough Enlightened and skilled Individuals to lead the way?

One of the biggest problems which must be overcome if we are to end Treaty Separatism and establish Racial equality in Law and Government, is finding means to unify all the disparate ‘types’ of New Zealanders who hold many various and confliction political Ideals, yet share the singular common desire to establish racial equality before the Law.
This problem is in my view the greatest hurdle we face.
It is greater than the resistance of the Separatists themselves, because unless we come up with a formula for unity we wont even get a movement off the ground.
Unity is essential!
I can think of nothing worse than a splintered Factional resistance to treaty separatism in which energy is wasted attacking each other, and destroying each others efforts out of a desire to monopolize and dominate rather than doing the more wise thing of subordinating our differences for the sake of the Higher Cause and taking the fight to the real enemy… who by the way are not *All Maori* but that minority of vested interests whom seek to maintain the political advantages they enjoy from Apartheid government.
This problem of Disunity is very acute.
It has already destroyed Identical movements in the not too distant past.
And it is rearing it’s ugly head yet again.

To End Treaty Separatism, it is essential we work to win over the hearts and minds of the average Maori as well as the average non-Maori , and this will take great diplomacy and skill. Great honesty, and a clear demonstration that we really care about their well being, and that we speak with sincerity when we say that Maori have nothing to fear… in the sense of real justice… form the establishment of a system of racial equality, and the surrender of the apartheid electoral system.
We need to show them how this apartheid system has indeed worked against them as much as everyone else.
We need to get them to appreciate that the separatists… though they pretend to have the average Maori’s interest at heart, that in reality their politics has negative consequences for the Maori people, and is a blight upon their Mana.


Furthermore though we must be forthright about how this situation arose, and how the Labour and National parties have bent over backwards to appease the separatists holding the Maori seats… none the less we need to take care not to absolutely alienate Labour or National voters from our cause.
We need to do the opposite!
We need to orchestrate things so that Labour and National actually start bending over backwards …attempting to out do each other in *refusing to pander to the separatists…* and attempt to outdo each other in forming strategies and policies to get rid of treaty separatism, get rid of the race based electoral system, and establish Equality before the Law.
This reversal can be achieved via wise activism.
Those of us ‘in the know’ must be prepared to go and speak at Labour and National party meetings, and publish articles etc which encourage these parties to make clear non-negotiable policy statements before elections that they will no longer form coalitions with Racist parties.
They will do this like clockwork…when they tally the numbers and appreciate their election chances are better from make such pre-election statements than from hedging their bets… and keeping the door open to further sell our country to the separatists.
We can rely on this because this is their primary modus opperandi!

tame john

And history vindicates my assertion as this situation actually happened when Don Brash challenged Helen Clark after his Orewa 1 speech, Helen Clark only winning by election fraud Re: The Pledgecard, and by the injured vanity and pride of Winston Peters at having been ousted from his Tauranga seat by National… and him choosing to accept the Baubles of Power… from Helen Clark… despite having stood himself on and anti separatism ticket!


These factors robbed Don Brash of his shot at being PM and took away his opportunity to make good on his promises to shut the door on the bogus Treaty reparations…get rid of the Separate Electoral roll and seats in parliament, and establish One Law for all.
2005 was one of the Blackest elections in the History of our Nation!
We came so close to having the opportunity to begin undoing The Grievance industry, and End Treaty separatism, and Racist Law and government.

I have much more to say on what happened at this time.
Why Don Brash decided it was a good time for National to make such a policy.
What effect that had on Hellen Clark and her scramble to recover from being left exposed as the Party of separatist appeasement… why she abandoned her ‘Closing the gaps’ Flagship, why she angered the separatists in her midst, Tariana Turia and co over the seabed and foreshore bill enough to jettison them from Labour… etc.

The dynamics of this period are rich with gems as to how our corrupt race based democracy functions, and what we must do to make the pragmatists of National and Labour again struggle to out do each other … for the sake of winning a majority in the elections…and again synthesize speeches like Orewa 1.


One of the Biggest problems for the Cause of Equality, is that we who seek to End Waitangi apartheid are divided upon what is the actual solution!
Many are adverse to the institution of a constitution which out laws Parliament from making race based laws.
I think that is a grave error…. one which exposes fundamental flaws in their Political outlook… none the less to keep the peace with such ‘Anti-constitutionalist’ democrats, I have come up with an idea which may work.

It is the promotion of the Independent Constitutional review panel’s
‘Declaration of Racial Equality’, coupled to a demand to abolish the race based electoral system.
These two propositions can be the points of unification.
They can be promoted independently, and via the creation of a united lobby group, which can try and sell the idea to all parties including Labour and National voters, and the cause could also be helped via the creation of a single issue party whose single policy is to win seats in parliament and gain the balance of power, and to give agreement to confidence and supply upon either National or Labour… depending upon which one better resolves to get rid of the separatist seats and electoral rolls and enshrine the Declaration of Racial equality as Law, nullifying all race based laws and government institutions, and forbidding any new race based government innovations.
All other issues either being matters of conscience for the Party Mps in the house, or completely abstained from.
This being essential to maintain the unity of the party and avoid the divisions which such issues of a written constitution, or binding referendums cause.

And this approach would also need to be the general position of the Lobby group too.
It ought not to singularly endorse any party, but all Parties and individuals standing for election whom express their stand on ending State racism.
The Lobby ought to analyze every candidate, and quiz them on their position, and inform the electorates of whom stands for what…. which candidate the voters who want equality ought to support, and who they ought to vocally condemn.

The Lobby group would need to make this point clear to all members… that it is not a party political vehicle, and that any endorsements for any party or individual is strictly based upon that party’s determination to enact the Lobby groups objectives.
It ought to allow any Party materials to be displayed which promote Racial equality before the law. The primary purposes of the Lobby being to unite New Zealanders and inform them of who represents Racial equality, and who does not.
This actually means that even if that shyster Winston Peters actually stands of election on the ticket of ending Waitangi apartheid the lobby group ought to recognise the fact… and tell his supporters to make sure he doe’s not reneg on that policy… and insist that he makes it a not negotiable condition of any NZ First coalition.
It is that sort of Pre- election policy statement that the Lobby group ought to be trying to solicit from every party.
Should they not be prepared to make such clear statements, the Lobby group should encourage their members to forsake these parties and join one which has more Backbone.
The Lobby could Rank parties by both their policy, and the commitment they display before the election to ending Racist government… what priority they themselves place upon this issue.
This ranking should be in a prominent place on any website or printed materials.

Copy of Tim W 004
Tim Wikiriwhi

From my perspective, I think these things are essential.
Anything less will result in infighting and fragmentation.
From personal observation I have seen how deeply divided the activists for Racial equality are on other issues…the depth of acrimony is acute in the extreme… and unless we separate these differences and focus on our few unifying ideas, the Separatists have little to fear from us who seek to end their Political advantage.
We will be too busy fighting ourselves and destroying ourselves… and the people of New Zealand will see this and never support any of us!
We must take extreme care to ‘Endeavour to maintain the unity of the spirit’…and guard against the petty minded whom will insist upon creating unnecessary divisions because of their pig headed demand to have everything their own way.

The above recipe is far from being a full exposition of what I would personally like to see achieved (which includes the institution of a proper constitution), thus this strategy demonstrates the reality that I am ‘practicing what I preach,’ in submitting to the notion of the Declaration and abolishment of the Racist electoral system as being two giant steps in the right direction, and putting my constitutional desires on the back burner… at least while I am wearing my ‘Lobby group hat’.
In private I understand we are all free to speak our minds and to support whatever political party we desire!

Right now, I could walk about with my undies all bunched up… cursing all those whom now say they want equality that they did not support the Libertarianz Party ten years ago!
I could react to their derogatory remarks I hear against the Libertarianz party… from people whom bleat about taxes, and about Treaty separatism, yet in the past have supported the Parties responsible for these very evils!
Yet I am determined to resist such urges for the sake of this essential cause and to conduct myself by example…
While it is true to say that the Libertarianz Party is blameless in respect to treaty separatism and socialism in general… none the less when any such designs to steer the lobby group away from supporting any particular party which has a policy of ending separatism… cannot be tolerated… from representatives of the Lobby when they are wearing their Lobby Hats.
That must be reserved for either their private communications or their personal party activism.

I despair at the thought of how few people will be capable of maintaining such a high Ideal… of subordinating their personal prejudices for the sake of this most important of values and essential principles of Justice!
Will we be able to create these vehicles which can become the locus for change, and win over the hearts and minds of our country?
Pipe dreams?
A running joke amongst the separatists?

When enacted the Declaration of Racial Equality will become ‘a mini-constitution’ which will in fact restore the true principle of the treaty of Waitangi! *Equality… and oneness!*

We will need Big money to fund events and buy regular spots in the Papers for our articles.
This will mean soliciting regular donations from members of the Lobby… $10, $20,… per week per person.

These are my thoughts on how we ought to approach the task of Ending Waitangi apartheid.
The only question is do we have Individuals of the requisite caliber, and a team work ethic… a spirit of fraternity strong enough to summit this peak?

I myself am awaiting what develops before I commit to any particular aspect of this movement, and thus will continue to function as an Independent Libertarian until such time that for the sake of the cause I dedicate myself to some other roll.

And like many of my Libertarian comrades whom have so bravely stood against Waitangi separatism for years, I am more concerned about my Political principles making it into Parliament than phyisically getting a seat there myself.
If I need to carry the flag all the way… I will endeavor to do so.
I will be most happy indeed if Ending treaty separatism again becomes the ‘Flagship’ of the National
Party… or even of the Labour party… and even of such contemptible Oligochaeta as Winston First!

^^^Important Caveat:
Hey dont get confused!
This is my personal blogpost and I am speaking as a Private citizen… not as a spokesperson for this theoretical Lobby group I have proposed above, and Winston has never apologised for his despicable sell out… which kept us enslaved under apartheid!
He deserves to be called out on this and held accountable!
This is still a Radical Christian Libertarian Blog… not a impartial ‘single issue’ lobby group webpage.
Such a website…such a Lobby are only hypothetical at present.

Tim Wikiriwhi.
Libertarian Independent.

Here is another blogpost I have done on this subject… Universal Pride in Washington, Separatist Shame in Wellington.

The Independent Constitutional review’s Declaration of Equality can be found here:

Their Facebook page is Here:

Update: 19-5-13
It really is a Gigantic task which sends trembles down the spine.
I am thinking we need to start at the start… and that may be quite different to how we end up operating once we gain our stride, for example I think we would at first need to attract a hardcore group of desperados and first go on the offensive against Labour…against the Nats, Greens, etc,… to get that base of resolute Stalwarts, but then be wise enough to hold out the olive branch to these big parties and attempt to win them over to our way of thinking, and to the degree that they move in the right direction is the degree by which we ought to become more conciliatory to them… I cannot help but think that the only way we will succeed is if we win over at least one of the Big parties to our cause… and they could be aided by the coalition of a minor single issue Racial equality party.
This ‘juggling act’ will take extreme skill in leadership to pull off as some of the supporters of One Law for all will not want to deal with National… others will not wish to deal with Labour, and others will not wish to deal with either.

TREATYGATE Hamilton…introducing John Ansell

treatygate Hamilton 008
Tim Wikiriwhi introducing John Ansell at the Waikato TREATYGATE Presentation, Thursday 16 May, at the Celebrating Age Centre in Hamilton.


Though I had planned this meeting for over two months, it was typical for me to be still hurriedly typing out script mere minutes before I was to deliver them.
Libertarians Peter Creswell and Robert Palmer traveled down from Auckland to give John and myself some moral support, and they listened to my only practice delivery from a ruff draft… as they enjoyed an Epic Stout.
They offered me several good improvements, before heading downtown.

I had written much more than what I delivered.
This is a subject I am passionate about yet my speech was only an introduction and personal endorsement of John Ansell’s TREATYGATE presentation which he is busy delivering about the country…. So unfortunately though there was much which I would have liked to have said… many things which may have helped Maori People to better appreciate why I support John, there was no time for me to do so.

I would like to thank everyone who helped John and myself make this event happen… those who contributed donations, those who came to the meeting in support (I got to meet some of my face book friends!), those who helped set up the hall, the Waikato Times, and Hamilton News staff, and others who helped me with advertising, sound systems, etc.
It was great to see Allan Titford, his new partner and child who traveled quite a distance to support us.

I estimate there were 60 people in attendance which is not bad for a political meeting.
The Waikato Times had a reporter there.
And our ads reached many thousands of People who, though they never attended the presentation, will know that there are Activists afoot, working to end Waitangi Separatism and establish racial equality before the law.
This is a mammoth task and every event like this held in the name of ending the shameful travesty of Watangi apartheid and the grievance industry… all helps.

The evening ended at the House Bar, yarning, joking, and drinking Pitch Black Stout from the Tap. One of the manifold blessings of British Colonisation!
Very nice!

My speech follows…
…And below that… is a link to a Waikato Times/ Stuff article on our Hamilton Treatygate meeting, and subject matter, and I make a few observations about comments it contains from a Waikato University ‘Treaty expert’ the Times also interviewed for the article.

My Speech…

“Good evening Ladies and gentlemen.
It is great to see you.
Thank you for coming.
I know many of you have traveled some distance to be here.
Your support is very much appreciated.
My name is Tim Wikiriwhi,
I live here in Hamilton, and work as a self employed contract engineer,
and it has been my pleasure to organize tonight’s meeting, for John Ansell to deliver his Treatygate message to you.

John is a very brave Pakeha, that is to say he is a brave New Zealander.
He will be speaking tonight for about an hour on one of the most important issues facing our Nation at present.

I myself have been involved in politics for well over a decade, and spoken many times around the North island on the ever worsening evils of Treaty separatism, Maori Radicalism, and our shameful Apartheid laws and government.

I hope that while you are here tonight John and I are able to communicate the gravity of our current political situation, and the race relations crisis which has been systematically manufactured because of an Evil ideology, which has taken full advantage of some serious faults in our democratic system.
I hope we impress on you the urgency and dire need for the people of New Zealand to Rally, and to organize ourselves into an Irate lobby determined to rid ourselves of these cancerous growths… and establish racial equality before the Law.

The shear scale of the Political extortion…Hundreds and hundreds of millions of Dollars! The utter Fabrications and falsifications of our colonial history by which a collective guilt trip has been heaved upon the backs of Non-Moari New Zealanders …so successfully, that they quietly submit to this Extortion, and tolerate being rendered second class subjects in their own country.
I say We must smash the Anti-colonialist lie that stupefies so many New Zealanders into believing they have less right to Fully enjoy this country, than their neighbor who has a fraction of Maori DNA.

Now the fact that Race based Law is a travesty of justice should not really be News to anyone.
Who does not know about the times of Slavery and Segregation in America?
Who has not herd about Apartheid in South Africa’s recent past?
Many Kiwi already know that the Law should not discriminate because of race.
The trouble is that so few of us actually have the courage to stand up in public say it!
New Zealanders actually allow their government to mass produce Racist law and give away millions of Tax dollars all because they have been deceived by a massive political propaganda campaign!
The Lying racist Radicals use intimidation and the Anti colonial guilt trip to dominate and steer our country towards every deeper Racial separatism, and Rapine…. And the power-hungry socialists of both the Labour and National parties have made bargains with these racist radicals for the sake of securing Election victory…time and time again.
Thus our Government has been utterly corrupted and used to indoctrinate New Zealanders, both Maori and non-Maori into thinking that it is the fault of others that the so many Maori are violent criminals.
The Radicals want you Pakeha to continue to believe it is actually your fault that so many Maori suffer Ill health… live in poverty…. are in low paid jobs, or wallow in welfare dependence.
Well John Ansell has figured out what a crock that all is and he has the Balls to stand up and say … “Get Real!”
John forthrightly declares “Im A Pakeha and I refuse to accept any such guilt!”
“I demand My equal Rights!”
I demand an end to the extortion, an end to the State Racism.
I want to live in a country of Racial equality before the Law!”

You see John has figured out that He’s not to blame for any of that Maori misery…and that he’s got nothing to be ashamed of…being a Pakeha…. And that if anyone is to blame for the misery of Maori today it surely must be the individuals themselves, who have allowed themselves to become depended upon welfare, not bothered to gain the necessary skills to compete with Non-Maori in the Job market… Skills which are essential to provide them with a decent income in a modern free society… and Blame also may be squarely laid at the feet of the racist radicals whose Toxic and hateful lies have fill so many Maori heads with a Victim mentality and vile racism… preventing them from taking ownership of their own problems, and appreciating their own self responsibility for climbing out of this misery they have created for themselves.
Until they do, no amount of special rights, no amount of Welfare will save them.

It’s time for me to hand over the mic To John.
I want to finish by saying… Lets rally together and get rid of the Racist electoral rolls and race based seats in parliament which are a pox and a shame upon our democracy, and PLEASE do not allow the separatists to establish a new racist constitution.
They must be stopped at all costs.
.I now give the floor to John.
Thank you for listening.”


Tim Wikiriwhi.
‘Maori Libertarian’

john ansell and I 003
John Ansell and Tim Wikiriwhi in Tim’s Man Cave/ Library. Hamilton 15-5-13

Here is an article which appeared on ‘Stuff’ via the Waikato Times …Hamilton meeting to ‘stop the surrender of NZ to tribal tricksters’

I would like to make a few comments on this article…
‘Angeline Greensill teaches Treaty issues at Waikato University and she would be interested in who would attend the meeting.

”It’s the sort of thing I would normally ignore but it’ll be interesting to see who does turn up and who is taken in by this type of stuff. I ned to be aware of that.”

She said Mr Wikiriwhi has a history of throwing his beliefs out to ”a misinformed public. She said people should learn the difference between rights and privileges and rights and obligations.
”It is not a privilege. Maori are tangata whenua of this country and there was an agreement signed that was never kept and it was an agreement about rights.

”They are getting things because they have a right to them. They have a property right like anyone else except they have to fight for them.”
End quote:

^^^ I say Angeline has provided us (above) with a perfect example of the sort of Socialist Academics our Government hires to indoctrinate our young people!
Note how she calls into question the mentality and character of those whom thought John and My own message against her Political indoctrinations of Treaty separatism was worth hearing!

Note how she blatantly suggests that the treaty enslaves Non-Maori to certain ‘moral obligations’ (Read Money, Power, Political favouritism, etc)… simply because the Modern Radical separatists claim Maori to be ‘Tangata Whenua’…which is of course an absolute lie, and part of the Modern Re-fabrication of New Zealand history and perversion of The Treaty!
Maori of old were proud to say they were Migrant Colonists too!
The ‘Tangata Whenua’ were the People living here already when Maori arrived!
Yet why let the truth get in the way of your Political vested interests… when a lie suits so much better… Aye?
Lets label those who dare speak the truth troublemakers, and Racists, and Mad men!

Thank you Angeline Greensill for clearly exposing your agenda for all to see.
Thank you for demonstrating just how evil it is to allow the Government to control the Education of our nation!
I only wish that New Zealanders would wake up to why the Government ought never be allowed to control such a vast engine of indoctrination, propaganda, and mass manipulation.
Too many people who understand that Government ought to be banned from producing racist laws, fail to understand Treaty separatism clearly demonstrates the Libertarian principle that the State must also be separated from Education, because it has been via state control of the education system, which has given the Socialist Political parties the ablity to use the education system to imprint their political agenda directly into the public mind, by hiring such socialist racist academics as Angeline Greesill and deploys them into our schools and universities to directly brainwash our people into accepting the vile rehash of our Pioneering colonial history and the separatist ideology behind our Apartheid system.
They also do this with their Green Agenda, Re Man Made Climate change, the Theory of Evolution, Socialist ecomonic theory, etc etc… all designed to delude the sheeple into supporting their Heavy Taxation, their Nannyism, their Totalitarianism… and to fear/ hate Freedom.
Tim Wikiriwhi.
Libertarian Independent.

Racism,Violence, and Misery. Why I’m missing my favourite band. Tool!


Tool is playing right now in Auckland.
They are my Favorite Band.
Why aren’t I there rockin out????
I should be!
Yet instead of having fun, Im spending my last buck$ on a Public meeting calling for an end to Racist Law and Government in New Zealand.

I would have loved to have been @ Vector Arena!
It’s a concert I have waited years to see, yet I have been forced to choose between my own immediate pleasure, and a political Ideal I believe is essential for the betterment of New Zealand.
An Ideal I believe will help end a lot of poverty, misery and dependence… and dispel a lot of bigotry and race hatred which has been fostered by Radical separatists for Political Power and Loot.
I refer to the principle of Equality before the Law.
Abolishing the separate Maori seats in parliament, and separate Electoral rolls.
Just today, the front Page of the Waikato Times ran a story which showed statistics which proved that Violent crime in a city was proportional to the size of it’s Maori population!
That is a shocking reality which proves what 30 years of Apartheid have achieved.


Read about it here: Top Criminologist blames Maori for high rates of violent Crime
‘Maori crime ‘fact of life”

This is the reality which the radicals try and blame on ‘Pakeha oppression’, on the Government’s ‘Failure to honour the Treaty’…. I ask How long New Zealanders will tollerate this absolutely despicable lie!

The Fat cat Tribalist elites may be sitting pretty, yet it has been at the cost of fostering Hatred, dependence, a victim/ blame mentality into the ordinary Maori Individuals, many of whom are incapable of admitting that their poverty, violence and misery is of their own making… not because of any oppression by ‘Evil Pakeha’… as the shit stirring Political activist preach, or as the average socialist whacko school teacher rambles on about… instead of teaching young Maori to take responsibility for themselves and their futures as individuals… competing on a level playing field… under equality before the Law!
Young Maori are told to study stone age Maori history and culture… instead of engineering, science, etc… thus putting them at a disadvantage when they leave school… alienating them from modern society, and setting them up for failure… with the Radicals whispering in their ears that this is all the Pakeha’s fault! “If the Pakeha were not here they would own the whole country… and could get buy fishing!”
Yes These are lies and insanity which I am dedicated to ending.
Treaty separatism has resulted in nothing but Race hatred and Misery.
I love all that is good and beautiful in Maori Culture, yet I despise racism, and Political propaganda… and politically engineered Evil.

And if in the process of fighting this evil for the sake of Equality before the Law that I must miss out on seeing my favorite Band… well there is always You Tube!
Hopefully they will be back in not too many years time?

Looking Forward, not Backwards: Dynamic Culture vs Stagnation. Why British Colonisation was good for Maori.

The coming of the Maori to Aotearoa.

I have just posted a reply to a private facebook Status, which I cannot share here.
The Status was by a Maori who had just descovered that the word ‘Maori’ was ‘invented’ by the Pakeha, and this descovery has made them want to divest themselves of that ‘fully colonised’ title and instead to redefine themselves as “TANGATA WHENUA”. (People of the Land)

It seems to have escaped them that the Pre-colonial Maori people did not call themselves “TANGATA WHENUA” either.
That term was used to describe the people who were already here when Maori arrived in their Waka. Back in the Day Maori took great pride in the fact that they were decendants of great navigators whom had migrated here, yet today that part of Maori traditional pride has been conveniently forgotten because the political scheem to claim ‘indigenous rights’.

The Status finnishes with an expression of love to Maori ‘Peeps’ and an appeal to them to ‘De-colonise yourselves’.

This Status is a sad yet powerful testimony to toxic anti-colonization indoctrination which is systematically generating an apartheid hatred and Race relations disaster in New Zealand and setting up Maori Children to perpetuate the poverty and terrible statistics which are the lot of many today.
The ‘closing the Gaps’ socialist policies, and political favoritism has not led to Maori betterment, but to entrenched dependence and a hateful racist and victim mindset … not self reliant empowerment … not High personal ethics.

My reply is below.

I know this a very sensitive subject.
May I say a few words from my own perspective.
It is true that Missionaries from England introduced, not only many new helpful skills , but also many new words. They ‘invented’ the written Maori language and thereby saved much Maori culture from being lost by the passage of time.
The tribes of Pre Treaty times were very keen to have a missionary living in their communities. They were quick to appreciate the great store of wisdom they brought, and to assimilate many of their ways… like wearing English clothing, Their Buildings (The design of the Meeting house we all love is a post-European design, they did not exist prior to the Missionaries).
What this proves is that our ancestors were very smart and progressive, and wisely learned and assimilated things of value from the Europeans… not just cows, apples, nails… but Ideas, values, etc…and this was good for Maori.
We must understand that a Good Culture is always progressing, not stagnating, not trapped by backward superstition, not adverse to new enlightened ideas or better ways of doing things.
Thus it is a credit to our ansestors that they were quick to abandon many of their primitive traditional ways and embrace the advantages That British civilisation offered.
It is so sad that Many Maori are being taught today to have a dreamy idea that to be a ‘real Maori today we must picture ourselves as being like our stone age ancestors, and seek to ‘De-colonise’ ourselves.


Sad because the truth is We modern Maori have gained so much from colonization, yet we are taught by the political activists to think colonization was all bad… all an evil plot. This is how the Maori people are being deceived into supporting the Separatist movement, and are being steered away from the most vital and important realities they need to understand to prosper via their own efforts rather than seeking Political interventions, hand outs, and favoritism.
Modern Maori Boys need to see themselves as Doctors, Engineers, scientists, Electricians… not warriors.
We Maori ought to first think of ourselves as Honest hard working individuals… not as members of a race.
That is secondary.
The first is something we have control and self responsibility for.
The second is merely a fortunate birthright.
And it is essential that we ought to treat everyone else with equal respect… irrespective of their race, and teach our children this respect as well because without this important humanitarian value they are in danger of becoming hateful racists.
It was belief in the Equality of all human beings which brought the Missionaries to New Zealand to share the Gospel of Christ with the Maori people whom were lost in darkness and superstition.
Thus I am saying it is a good thing to teach our children to take pride in their Maori heritage, yet not good to teach them that this is of the highest importance.
There is a whole layer of personal/ universal values which they must take even greater personal pride in because they will shape and define who they are *as individuals* and how they will treat others.


They need to learn skills like engineering, science, etc which will help them to provide for themselves and their families … and take pride in being Modern independent self reliant and humanitarian Maori, whom compete and hold their own in society on equal terms with other Kiwi… not blaming others for their own lack of achievement… happy to struggle and save, and slowly become more prosperous through good values, thrift, and honest hard work… and always being loving towards others in our society.
This is my vision of how a want my children to grow up.
I want them to be enlightened, honest and caring… not racist… not trapped in a mythical past. I hope they take what is good from Maori tradition, yet forsake all the negative and twisted Political propaganda which attempts to say Colonization was only evil and generates serious race hatred.
In my view to be a Real Maori it does not require any special rights, or Laws.


I know what I have written here will be very difficult for some Maori to swallow.
It is so contrary to the view of history they have been taught , and to the twisted politically motivated idea that We are supposed to put our Sanitized/ idealized ‘primitive Maori heritage’ first… to be on the Maori electoral roll… to support treaty separatism… if we want to claim to be ‘Real Maori’.

Thus I offer a complete alternative in which I dream of A New Zealand with one law for all, and that Maori can enjoy and revel in their heritage without demanding political favoritism or special rights… or Millions of dollars stolen from Everyone via taxation.
My vision is one of racial harmony.

I know that I am virtually alone at present in my vision.
I know some reading this will hate me for my views.
That make me very sad, because I seek to enlighten the Maori people so that they can save themselves from the political evils of racial separatism and race based laws… save themselves from welfare dependence, poor health, terrible crime statistics, etc…. which cannot be fixed via Political interventions but must be done by Maori themselves taking personal responsibility for their own predicaments and determining to make the ethical changes, and put in the hard yards, and teach their children self reliance… not hatred.
This is the way ahead for Maori.
I sincerely believe this, and spend my life preaching this gospel of self responsibility, of equality before the Law, of the ethics of Humanity first.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

The Shame of Maori Radicalism. Hate and Violence.


The lies against the Jews which underpinned the fanaticism and extreme violence of The Nazis under Hitler are being replicated by the Maori separatist movement, and the endorsment of their ‘grievances’ by consecutive Labor and National led governments.
Waitangi separatism has resulted in a Race relations crisis, in Massive extortion, in the mass manufacture of corrupt law and institutions, in the enslavement of thousands of Maori in socialist dependence, and most seriously still… in the growth of fanatical race hatred and a propensity for violence.
The Maori people are being manipulated by malicious, and dangerous radicals and are being led down a very dark path.
They are being told that this is a process of ‘righting the wrongs of the past’, when in fact it ism nothing short of a despicable demonstration of race hatred, and grab for wealth and power.

I identified this ideological cancer well over a decade ago, and have ever since dedicated myself to exposing this evil for what it is, and busied myself attempting to awaken the Maori people to the truth.
I was the Libertarianz party spokesman on Maori affairs for approximately ten years, and since my resignation have remained vocal as an Independent Libertarian and Christian.

I would like to share with you part of what has been the personal cost of my stand against the Radical separatists, and the established/ entrenched doctrines of Socialist Indigenous Rights which underpins New Zealand’s ever expanding system of Apartheid… under the guise of ‘honoring the treaty’.

Today I received several comments to a blog post I wrote about the Tame Iti and the ‘Tuhoe terrorists’, in which I was explaining exactly how dangerous are the anti-colonialist lies and the socialist doctrines of indigenous rights, ‘self determination’, etc are. I was explaining why I was not at all surprised that Tame iti and the radical Greens were involved in plotting a campaign of violence.

The Blog post is here:

‘Not a Pimple on Mandela’s Butt! Tama Iti’


Today I received two ‘Comments’ from a very ‘Brave’ person called ‘Collar Shirt’.
The nature of his comments are very telling.
They show what race hatred really is.
They expose what people like myself face when we dare to criticize Maori Radicalism.
It is like a letter written by a member of the KKK against a white American whom expressed support for Martin Luther king.
It is like a letter written by a member of a fanatical Islamic sect against a liberal Muslim whom dared to suggest that Christians have a right to exist in peace.

The enlightened humanitarians among mankind who refuse to cower in silence, and instead bravely step forward and dare to challenge the haters… all must run the gauntlet and risk everything for the sake of truth, justice, humanity, and progress.
They are torn between a sense of selfish guilt… that perhaps their High ideals are bringing danger upon their wives and children…and that maybe they should shut up… and simply blend back into the crowd.
But then they realise that Silence only makes the Evil ones more successful in their plans, and that unless brave souls stand up and set an example… their silence condemns their loved ones, friends, and neighbors to even greater perils and injustice.

“Evil prevails when Good men do nothing”.

What these brave people need is for their fellow countrymen, fellow brethren, to not allow these ‘torch bearers’ in their midst’s to be left alone and unsupported, but ought to rally around them, and to add their voices to the cause.

> on August 22, 2011 in Washington, DC.

Collar shirt’s 2 Comments are below, and my reply follows.
I hope readers will both appreciate my cause, and will determine to get involved and help me and other brave Kiwi, like John Ansell, defeat the lies of The Radical Maori separatist movement, and the corrupt politics of Treaty separatism which has being foisted upon us by Labour, National, Act, NZ First, The Greens, The Maori Party, Mana,etc…

Collar Shirt says:
Wednesday 17 April 2013 at 11:35 AM
Tim how the f**k do you know Tame Iti was planning to kill white people you f**king point the finger judgemental pr**k – and what do you know about any violent murderer radical Separatist, if you have got any evidence to hand on to the Police – tell us what that evidence is right now – This is a RACIST & FICTIONAL story of yours. And as for pimples I would like to squeeze your head like a pimple until the white puss you call your brain squirts out you piece of hard WHITE SH*T! and you too Angry Tory! I challenge you’s to print what you’s have both written and start handing them out to the public – and see how long you can last on the street without getting your face smashed in! – Pussay’s

2. Collar Shirt says:
Wednesday 17 April 2013 at 11:53 AM
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
I would like to make a complaint about the RACIST nature of this article which is in very bad taste, lacking in facts and based on innuendo and to compare a person to a murderer is asking for trouble. – but most of all it doesn’t stick to the kaupapa of the rules – this article is “unwholesome” and “does not build others up” in fact it does the complete opposite of discriminating against a fellow human being – and has absolutely NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER to any right minded and virtual thinker.
Tim Wikiriwhi Christian Libertarian – i will hand on your message to the Iti whanau in Ruatoki and don’t be surprised if they come looking for you and ask you to say what you just wrote to their face. I will make you my special project to read & check all your other articles too to make sure you are not spreading your RACIST HATRED poison around that ends up on the web – you piece of SH*T!

Tim Wikiriwhi’s Reply:

What is your real name ‘Collar shirt’?
Very brave talk coming from someone hiding behind a pseudom.
And your threats prove the validity of my statements Re: the Violent mentality of the Racist radicals.
Your threats are a testimony to the stark fact that while you want so called ‘Maori rights’ to be recognised, you don’t recognise any one else’s rights (like mine) to free speech, etc.
Thats called hypocracy.

I have been threatened many times in the past… face to face with radicals at Waitangi and other places.
I have always spoken my mind in the open… not the shadows, and will continue to do so irrespective of threats like you have delivered above.

I have spoken many times publicly, on Marae, and on TV before my peers.
See a TV one debate Here:

My reports about Iti’s intentions are based upon Media releases regarding the recordings the police got of conversations between Iti and his crew.
If it had not been for the bungling of the Legislation, and the bungling of the police Iti and crew would have faced much more severe charges… including discussion of kidnapping John Key and ‘practicing’ by killing white people.
I don’t suppose you bothered to use our search engine to find out what I have written about Tame Iti’s conviction on Fire arms charges… Here…

You would see that I actually *condemned* the basis on why he was actually sent to jail! I defended the right of peaceful people to own firearms, and even to be members of private militia. Thus I show my integrity is to justice, and though Tame Iti is a dangerous radical, yet still I have no desire for anyone to be jailed on bad laws or bad judgments.

Yet I dont expect that my integrity in this post will impress you either.
You fanatical haters only want to hear your own hate… you are not interested in tolerating dissenting views…. a lot like the Nazi’s whom hated the Jews, and who likewise could not tolerate any criticism of their mentality, or methods.
Think about that.
Think about what race hatred has done to the world?
This is the very evil I am seeking to save the Maori people from.. the manipulations and hate mongering of violent racist radicals whom blame everyone else but themselves for their own lack of achievement, violence and misery.

Tim Wikiriwhi
Christian Libertarian.

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Smoothing the pillow of a dying institution

It’s all very well for the government to redefine marriage, but what then becomes of the heterosexual institution formerly known as marriage?

Clearly, marriage as it is now—the union of a man and a woman—is a subset of marriage as it will be—the union of a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. Traditional marriage will be assimilated and its cultural identity lost.

Apologists for Louisa Wall’s Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill are now smoothing the pillow of a dying institution.

But rest assured, traditionalists! Traditional marriage will rebound. And a hundred years or so from now, we’ll have our very own, government mandated and government funded traditional marriage television channel!

Kia kaha!


Why a new Constitution for New Zealand must protect the Individual from Mobocracy.


Because I have failed in the attempt to organise an association of ‘Heavy hitting’ Libertarian minds to directly challenge the governments appointed Committee which is currently running a Mickey Mouse commission looking to entrench Waitangi Racism and Socialist Democratic tyranny, I am attempting to put together a ‘condensed’ submission advocating the institution of a New constitution embodying Libertarian principles for New Zealand to be submitted to Muriel Newman’s the independent Constitutional review panel.
Go Here:

This panel is primarily concerned with insuring any new Constitution guarantees Racial equality before the Law, and does not entrench the current Apartheid doctrines and institutions of Radical Indigenous racism and treaty separatism.
This independent Panel is to be highly praised for this work.
It is absolutely essential that the Government be prevented from establishing an Apartheid constitution, yet I fear the scope of this Independent lobby is not broad enough to challenge the many other injustices and usurpations perpetrated against the people of New Zealand in the name of ‘Social Democracy’ which is the prevailing ideology of 99% of MPs and their parties whom populate our parliament.

The difficulty for me is not only that I despair having to sit out and watch everything unfold from the sideline as a spectator rather than a participant in this process.
I despair of being able to do justice to this ‘Mother of all Political Institutions’ in a brief submission.


One of the most important jobs of a Constitution is to protect the Rights and liberties of Minorities and individuals from Mob Rule.
Living in an age in which Atheist Materialism and Moral relativism dominate the thinking in academic circles it is difficult to speck of ‘Higher Law’… Moral absolutes which trump the mere whims or Legislators in large numbers.
It is difficult to get support for Ideals which set limits to the pseudo-moral justification of Legislation founded upon the mandate of the majority.
In Today’s world I cannot make appeals to Individual rights as being inalienable because they are ‘God given’… which was in times past a perfectly acceptable and rational position to take for the simple reason that so many intellectuals have tragically abandoned belief in God.
Thus I must make appeals to other arguments, in secular terms which embody arguments which such mentalities will not dismiss because of personal bias against theistic Ideas.
And most essentially these arguments must be powerful enough to expose the evil delusion that Humanitarian sentiments can justify tyrannical and oppressive political means.

The Little video below was posted on Face book by a friend (Hat tip Mark Casey) and I share it with you here because it does a very good Job or presenting the distinction between real charity and Socialism/ forced welfare…. and the travesty of that pseudo-moral justification… ‘the democratic mandate of the Majority’…
In so doing this video embodies one of the important attributes my submission to the Independent Panel must encompass.

Watch and enjoy.

This video also makes me wonder if my submission could somehow included such streaming Media?
Tim Wikiriwhi.
Libertarian Independent.